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What cars have you found lately?

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redlinederby 3/17/22
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Clearly the thrift stores are aware of the supply problems, lol. Found loose and beat up cars for $1 at my local store. Didn't even bag em. 

  • I'll have a look at the loose $1 cars at the flea market, or wherever, but ... yeah ... I'm not grabbing anything that strikes my fancy out of that. — Bongo
  • I guess desperate times call for desperate measures — redlinederby
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Bongo 3/26/22

Answered an ad for "a box of old toy cars" for a very modest price. This was the box. Not much for racing but a few goodies. And a few big 1/24 cars, unpictured, which will go to eBay. "Do you have more?" I asked. "Yes, a couple hundred hot wheels and matchbox, too. This box was all the miscellaneous brands," she explained. "Someone else has spoken for those but .... he's not turned up or answered my emails in a couple of days."
 "Could I make an offer for the other cars?" ... I did a little math and roughly matched the price per car of this miscellaneous box and came away with it all. I'll share more as I unpack it. Turns out it was closer to three hundred hot wheels and matchbox. 

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CrazyEights 11/18/22

More MBX Teslas!!!

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CrazyEights 11/20/22

HW MS-T Suzuka... Found this at Dollar Tree

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Adam_J 12/15/22

Just got this at Walmart 2 days ago. 

Siku's and some MB from online auction, might be a fast one in here.

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BadWoolRacing 12/17/22

I was in St. Louis for work this past week and visited a place nearby in St. Charles to check out their cars. Place is called Fastlane Classic Cars, and they have a gift shop with all sorts of diecast. I found these there for $1/piece.

Found these for .75 each at a thrift store The yellow one is a hot wheels Nissan "pop up" that still flips over   They all roll decent too  

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SpyDude 12/22/22

I just found not one, but THREE TH's, all at the same place - the Raijin Express.  Yes, I bought them all .....

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