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What cars have you found lately?

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Im a - DG Employee - I just stopped by our store as I was off 5 days and didnt see it until today.

The BOGO Free Hotwheel deal runs until Sat 3/29/24 as our adds change Sunday. We hang our new signs up Saturday night and take down the old signs same night.. 

If you dont see the sale sign on it check with the cashiers.. I know our prices run $1.25 for Match Box & Hot Wheel.. 

Match Box cars are included as well and it is the singles only.. No 5 Packs or Monster trucks.

Pedal down & dont look back..

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JBlotner42 3/29/24

More DG BoGo finds

This is the sign

  • I was in a store today that didn't have signs up and I asked an employee - he didn't know about - I went to the self check out and they rang up at .62 cents each. Awesome. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • I bought 6 cars tonight and the wring up 1.25 then when I hit total it took 3.75 off.. But 62 x 2 = 1.24 so that is how that district discoubts cuts the price into half im guessing.. My Manager said it should be the same across the company but it isnt .. Good find still... — Desert_Rat_Diecast
  • You should grab a case. It would be half-price. ???? — JBlotner42
  • @JBlotner, we get wing stacks mostly... and they hit the floor right away and most cars get sold asap, there are 5 collectors in this small town. My Boss will place orders for regular cases when pegs are low. Once my track is up I can see if she will special order a case as it takes 2 weeks to arrive thru DG systems and transport.. — Desert_Rat_Diecast
  • Right before Christmas they run a special 5 for $5 not the best but they never tell stores what add is coming up until the week of ad.. — Desert_Rat_Diecast
  • That's cool. — JBlotner42
  • We got that too! March 24th, I was the first person there, and bought one of every car. When I walk into that store at any point in time, they know that they're going to ge some Hot Wheels sales in. — LottaSpeedRacing

Happy Easter All..

Found this on EBay and had to have it. One of my favorite castings..

Pedal Down and Don't Look Back

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dr_dodge 4/1/24

not 1/64 but still diecast racers
very happy with the quality of the cars, detail wise
hope they run well


  • It's dangerous to start collecting another size/scale. Lol. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • I currently go fron 1/160 to 1/1 already handling the risks — dr_dodge
  • (smaller is way cheaper) — dr_dodge

Found these at the Hobby store yesterday while hunting for trees.The Red one is a 1977 Tomica and a Prize is the Majorette Ambulance!

  • nice! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • $68.00 later, Trees were Not cheap. I have to go back! — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • I want one of those F-150's. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Is that the Bomb or what? Have a Travel Trailer waiting for it. — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • I can tell ya how to make trees — dr_dodge
  • Hey have done a few in the past for my N scale track but Hobby lobby has a Great selction and most are $7.99 for some really nice lookers. — Bent_Rod_Racing
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JBlotner42 4/5/24

Found this...had to get it

  • Maybe THIS is the bomb! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Yeah, if I saw this I'd buy it too! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • It ran well on the track. I was worried it would be too tall to fit under the crossover turns but it goes under with no issue. I need to run it with graphite and see how it does. — JBlotner42

                                  Well they are not Cars but the are pretty darn cool..

1/64th Semi Trucks both 18 wheelers & race truck.. I used to work for a Service Shop back in the days of old that gave these away to customers for doing business with us.. I had these in my sons closet for ummm.. 6 - 8 years kinda forgot they were there.. Just I went looking for them as I found the semi in a box i went into looking for cars.  Im using them as back drop pieces on my work bench for now then on the Track when it is set up.. Enjoy!! 

                                                The Group shot

                                        Both Truck & Trailer sets

Pikes Peak Race Truck ..Truck Trailer Set My favorite set we had in all the giveaways..

                                 Mike Ryan Race Truck itself 

Pedal Down & Dont Look Back


I got 2 Fairmonts and the BMW racecar today.    These are extras/available to Redline Derby friends.   My cost with sales tax is $3.24 each.   Shipping always seems to be about $5.50 - $6.00 - unless someone can tell me a way to get that cost down?   Message me on Redline Derby if you are interested in 1 of them.

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JBlotner42 4/7/24

I found Godzilla!

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StrayDog 4/10/24

Got a little luck at my local Target!

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JBlotner42 4/12/24

Found at wally while waiting for a haircut.

  • WOW! I'm still waiting for the Corvette and the DB5! — LottaSpeedRacing
  • This is my second DB5 I managed to find and they actually had like six or seven more in the bin I was digging through — JBlotner42

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