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The new Redline Derby web site is very close to being finished(ish) and that means it'll soon be time to kick the tires and test it out. After testing, I'll patch any holes and then launch the new web site to the public. There is no date set for launch. I hope to contact test participants within the next few weeks.

I know I kind of asked for willing testers a while back, but this time I'm organizing things a little better so I can test efficiently and track things properly. 

If you want to get a preview of the new RLD web site and help troubleshoot, please sign-up.

Sign up using this form

The results of this testing will directly determine when the new web site launches and will also be responsible for any last minute changes and repairs. 

The last time the web site got redesigned in 2014, it seemed to catch a lot of people off guard and thus there was a lot of public feedback that didn't need to be aired that manner. Hopefully this open call for testers will give those that want a voice, just that, and then they can provide their feedback privately for consideration and action.

Your voice and opinions matter. Member feedback combined with analytic data directly impacts each evolution of Redline Derby Racing. I read and consider all feedback but at the same time, I can't do everything nor keep everyone happy.

Thank you for your continued support. Any questions, please post or send a PM.

when done if you need a computer clutz i will try...

I signed up, Brian. Let me know what I can do to help :)


Hey Brian, I'm looking forward to seeing the final project. I know how low you've been working on this! I signed up to test, let me know what I can do to help

Thanks, Coop. Appreciate the help and support.

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