Slammed Tesla truck race??

Douglas Friday, 9/30/2022

Thinking about having an on-road slammed Tesla truck race. What do y'all think? Can everyone find one? 60 grams or what weight do you think? Dry lube? 32 car field or less? Prizes? #MMRL 


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RLoRacing 9/30/22

R-Lo Specialty casting 

  • Do you think people have them? — Douglas
  • Can be hard to find but if someone wants to race bad enough, eBay is an option — RLoRacing
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SpyDude 9/30/22

Slammed I don't know about, but I got one of the Cybertrucks drilled and going for a wheel swap, so..... I'm in?

and 60g is a reasonable weight.

How do you slam a four-wheel-drive, anyway?

  • I just mean with street tires. I'll be building one soon. I'll post it. — Douglas
  • The same way you slam any 4x4 1:1 truck. — Uncle_Elvis
  • Cut the hell out of the suspension? — SpyDude
  • Yup. Another option is to raise up the body and roll a whole different chassis underneath it — Uncle_Elvis
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Endcount 10/1/22

I have one that I've been working on. Track race or drag race?

  • That's a good question. Which do you think? I'm thinking road course. — Douglas
  • Either/or. Road course sounds good, though. — SpyDude
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GrumpyCloud 10/1/22

Sounds fun to me.  The Tesla Trucks are fun to mod and fun to race.

  • That's what I thought? So you don't have a problem finding them? — Douglas
  • There's kinda been a shortage of them laely in my area, but I got lucky and picked up a couple that were hidden in the back of the pegs. One is staying in the package, alongside the "Starman" Tesla Roadster. Mainly just have to look for them. — SpyDude
  • So you think I might only get sixteen people who can race? — Douglas
  • I don't know. They were easy to find in Seattle a while ago. Haven't seen any recently. If folks really want to race though...there is always a way to find a casting. — GrumpyCloud
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Douglas 10/2/22

What track or channel should host it?

  • Whoever is willing to. Personally I would say Monster Motorsports, but he has a lot on his plate already. — SpyDude
  • Yeah I think Robert already has rest of year planned — Douglas
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Endcount 10/3/22

Meal Ticket Raceway is a long, fast track. Even though it is six lanes, cars can pass and crash due to speed. Grindewald raceway from Commotion Diecast is another killer track.

  • Right both are good tracks — Douglas
  • MTR is a thoroughly awesome track! I’ve run (and won) on it before - I’d love to race on it again. — SpyDude
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MrDarq 10/3/22

I have one drilled but will need to know the specs of the track to build. 

  • Ok let me start looking for one to run it. I'll let you know soon — Douglas

I have a couple of them.. id be in :) 

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