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Sock Hop Slam

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TheMakersBox 1/29/21

Maybe a tad off the Sock Hop theme, but definately 50's.  I was going for a fictional 50's Nascar racer.

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SpyDude 2/7/21

How many cars do you have lined up for the Slam so far?  I saw 56 at last count - the driver intro video is gonna be like two hours long, at this rate ...

By the way, getting my second car finished up, should be in the mail here by this Friday.

  • Haha I'm guessing it'll be over 70 or 80 when all have arrived! — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • That's going to be a nice field. Can't wait to see the car show and the racing. — SpyDude

In case you haven't seen the posts on my facebook page, we're up to 65 cars, and that doesn't include the half dozen or so in the mail!

  • Holy smokes! Way to didn't cap it either, wow...that's a ton of racing and editing. Godspeed, dude — redlinederby
  • Mine and Ali's won't even be going into the mail until later this week. You've got 5 coming from us. — GenX_VintageRacing
  • Mine should arrive tomorrow I believe — Big_Mac
  • I'm still working on my three entries. They should be in the mail early next week. — Big_Al

I am going to try to Sock Hop Slap something together and send it your way.

Driver Signups

Several competitors have graciously sent extra vehicles for folks to drive.

If you are unable to send a car and would like to be considered for one of these vehicles please post a response.  Priority will be given to folks located outside the continental United States.

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NDeavers80 2/19/21

How many entries are allowed? Will work on something this weekend.

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pupulesurfer 2/21/21

Assembly has been nothing short of frustrating this time around! Axles breaking (don't ask), cars not sitting on jig properly accidentally, JB Weld everywhere due to tube rupturing...

It is a miracle but I'm gonna send two this week, hoping Monday, 2 Day priority. Crossing fingers it'll get there.

  • Yikes! No worries about being a few days late. Even if it misses the car show I'd still let ya race. — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • Awesome, thanks! — pupulesurfer
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NDeavers80 2/22/21

Literally built 2 this weekend, only the caddy has been tested since it's a reweight from muscle mania. Sorry I didn't repaint just didn't have time. Going out today good luck everyone.  

  • cool, thanks for participating! love the motorcycle in the truck! — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • Thanks I had it doing nothing because of rust belt doing the micro machine race and it fit. Going to send you the tracking number — NDeavers80
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Mayfield41 2/22/21

I am shipping 4 tomorrow,  just hope they show up. I have a package lost in the mail for a few weeks now. 

  • cool, I'll keep an eye out! — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • Correction, sending 3, knocked the 57 off the table and knocked it loose. It was the worst of the 4 anyway. — Mayfield41
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Fastcar54 2/23/21

Funky Mother Chickin Racing sent in it's first enrty ever for Diecast Racing Competition. Should be in Friday according to USPS. Sent yesterday.

Looks like there will be allot of great competition! Good Luck Everyone.

  • Love it! Thanks for participating and good luck! — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • Ladies and gentlemen, we now know the location of Car 54. — SpyDude
  • I like the car, but love the team name! Funky Mother Chickin Racing is awesome! — G4DiecastRacing
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WallyChamp73 2/24/21

Hopefully, I make the cut off!

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MTThought 2/27/21

Did my 4 ever arrive from Florida?

  • Nevermind, I see 'em! Just in time lol — MTThought

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