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Sock Hop Slam

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pupulesurfer 12/24/20

I may have finally found a '57 Chevy that is just too good looking to just let it sit around...

I'm loving your videos and commentary on the Party Wagon Tournament!  I will definitely be sending you a few 50's vehicles for the Sock Hop Slam in March!  Is it really unlimited entries?  You may end up with over 80 cars for this one!  The Small Truck Tournament had a 3 truck limit and there are 72!  

  • Thank you, I look forward to seeing what you send! Yes, unlimited (I'm assuming folks will be reasonable and not send a dozen cars). Theoretically the rules allowing mods should reduce it, but I'm happy to run this event all year long if that's what it takes! — IndianaDiecastRacing

I'm in...I've got some entries that will be heading from the Great White North...the White Nuckle Motoring Speed Shop will pack up the transports in the coming weeks

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KPS_Kustomz 1/3/21

This is going to be a good tournament. That is a really nice custom trophy!

  • Thanks! It's really just a chevy super glued to a trophy base and spray painted! — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • I noticed that, but it looks legit! — KPS_Kustomz

Thanks to Cat Pirate for making the long flight from Australia!

Look forward to entering this race I have six that I'm going to send 57 Chevy is my favorite car of all time

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KPS_Kustomz 1/9/21

Here is a BEAST that the Krew here at KPS Kustomz has deemed "5150"!!! Its still a WIP! 

  • Lol, does it fit on orange track? — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • Yes, it does ......... on two of them side by side. LOL — SpyDude
  • Spy dude called it...5150 is a custom we've been working on for a couple of months now! — KPS_Kustomz
  • I use 5150 as part of my email. For those of you who do not know what that is, it's police code for holding a person for seventy-two hours for psychiatric evaluation (in other words, they're checking to see if you are crazy or not.) — SpyDude
  • It's the police code for temporary insanity!!! — KPS_Kustomz

I'm in 

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KPS_Kustomz 1/13/21

we're on the fence due to a "family member" passing away tonight!!!

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MrDarq 1/19/21

I’m in!

Just finished my fleet of '57s!

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cirons42 1/25/21

Is the big-air bel-air allowed?  I'm assuming it is because the back of the card says "born 1956" but it doesn't have the 50s mentioned in the casting name.

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