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Sock Hop Slam

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I've had questions about a few castings.....the Nomad, Shoe Box, and 8 Crate are approved.

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LionHawkRacing 11/30/20

Back Seat Bingo (LionHawk Racing) and Classy Chassis (Tea-Time Racing) are on their way soon.

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pupulesurfer 12/8/20

Finally found a decent casting to work from so I think I'm in!

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Peter_Bee 12/9/20

I'll wait to see how my Party Wagons do on that track lol. I have plenty of possible candidates soooo.....I'm a definite we'll see lol.

Take care and see ya at the races!

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Mayfield41 12/10/20

I will have to build some for this. I regret not doing the party wagons. 

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Fractal_Panda 12/11/20

Found a '57 Plymouth Fury casting. Already 43 grams, so not much modification needed, although I'm considering removing the tampos.

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CaShMoneyBoyS 12/12/20

Ca$h Money Boy$ want in on this!! Count us in for two!!

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Uncle_Elvis 12/13/20

Just quad-druple checking, unlimited entries per household, right? We are up to two done and four more in the work box.

  • I'm fine with unlimited entries! — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • Oh good, because I just bought a panel truck and a shoebox from the grab box at the flea market — Uncle_Elvis
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pupulesurfer 12/15/20

Started pink but needed a modern touch!

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Uncle_Elvis 12/16/20

Hey Indiana!

I noticed the 49 Mercury in the preview on the Party Wagon video. That casting legal? I got a junker here in the graveyard box going to waste.

  • Yes! I'm being flexible with the 40s era castings since many of them fit the theme so well — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • Groovy. I am going to send you so many slow cars... — Uncle_Elvis
  • Lol! It would be great to have some for international competitors — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • Get those cars out of the junkyard and get them rolling! That is almost unforgivable! — SpyDude
  • I'm with SpyDude — KPS_Kustomz
  • Yeah, well I raised a quarter of my graveyard for this event. — Uncle_Elvis

In response to the chaos of the party wagon tournament, I've adjusted scoring for this event.  Additionally, I plan on making adjustments to the track to reduce "fly-offs."

  • Boooo, let them fly! "If he dies, he dies" — Uncle_Elvis
  • Hey now, McClyde got an awesome send off when he high-sided on the KOTM hill. — SpyDude
  • Lol, I'm not saying I don't want some fly-offs, but there have been far too many — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • He signed a waiver! (I was going for Rocky 4, but McClyde totally works too) — Uncle_Elvis
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Fractal_Panda 12/21/20

On its way from Scotland in the New Year

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