Speed Heat 4 JDM Edition (Full Roster)

Saturday, September 10th, 2022
Hosted by Guingoyo Diecast Racing
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GuingoyoDiecastRacing Sunday, 8/7/2022

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Please read the rules before entering this season
With this announcement I want to give the rules for the next season. Speed Heat 4 will be a special edition, I have been told to do only this series of Japanese cars and that is what will be done in this series.
There will be no entrance fee this time
The prizes will be for first place only and these will be the cars that are lost. If you do not agree to give your car to another driver, please do not enter the season.
Minimum weight of the car 45 grams, there is no limit for maximum.
(See our channel for previous races for a guide to which cars run best)
There will be 16 participants in total, each of them will run 3 races. (Maximum per driver One)
Only 8 drivers will advance to the semi-final and four of them will enter the final.
8 videos will be uploaded in total (Don’t Rush Guingoyo Diecast Team to release them, this is a hobby we don’t live from this)


The format of the races will be the best known by all
Four races with change of lanes,
First place = 5pts
Second place = 3pts
Third place = 2pts
Last place = 1pt
DNF = 0pt
The best time in the season will receive 8 bonus points.
In case of a tie in the season, the car with the fastest time will receive the tiebreaker, the same rule will be applied in semi-finals and finals.
If you are interested enter, send a message to address, also saying I agree with the rules.
Thank You!
Guingoyo Diecast Racing Team

1. Puff Racing Arrived

2. BayCityDiecast Arrived

3. Secondhand Racing Arrived

4. FPD_Racing Arrived /

5. Mr. Darq Arrived

6. Goldenowl Arrived

7. G4DiecastRacing Arrived

8. KxngTrizz Arrived

9. Kaiju_Colorado Arrived

10. Live_Young_Diecast 

11. VariatSkunkworks Arrived

12. Crazy_Canuck Arrived

13. RLoRacing Arrived

14. Lily_the_Dog Arrived

15. Rusty_Rod Arrived

16. Numbskull - Arrived

Alternate Spots 

1. Flip81 Arrived 

2. Marco_Polo - Arrived 

3. WallyChamp73 Arrived


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MrDarq 8/7/22

Put me in boss

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GoldenOwl 8/7/22

You can count me in

I'll give it another shot please and thank you!  :D

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KxngTrizz 8/7/22

I want in.

I'm in.

Just curious, since you only allow 16 drivers, I think one car per driver should be the max to allow more people to enter.

  • Sounds Good, I will change it , last time 4 people never send their cars it was — GuingoyoDiecastRacing
  • Just check 2 weeks before deadline and send direct message to drivers you have not received. If they cannot make it, ask the group for recommendations for substitutes. We can always find you quick substitutes. — Kaiju_Colorado
  • Thanks for that , I change it to only one per driver — GuingoyoDiecastRacing

Love to Guingoyo! Put me in sir!

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Driepe51 8/7/22

Never raced your track before but I'm willing to get in on it!! Put me down for one!


Docs speed shop 

In for this buddy

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RLoRacing 8/7/22

I'm in

Lily the Dog is in!

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Rusty_Rod 8/7/22

Count me in please 

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FPD_Racing 8/7/22

Lemme in bro.

FPD is ready.

also, if you need any help with the drag track lemme know.


  • Got u, thanks do you know which is the best timer for a drag race ? — GuingoyoDiecastRacing
  • The best? Yes but it’s expensive. I know a guy but that built all mine. And everyone else’s lol. I could ask him if he’d build another. — FPD_Racing
  • I have one — GuingoyoDiecastRacing

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