Speed Racer

Dusty Thursday, 11/24/2022

I recently watched the Speed Racer movie on a flight to NY, and I liked the cool jumps, flips, and drops. Just thinking about how I could accomplish these track effects with DCR. Any Thoughts? 

Thank you all in advance


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GspeedR 11/25/22

Are you referring to the 2008 movie? If so, I've always thought that diecast open track racing, in general, was a good comparison to how the cars performed in that movie. When diecast cars on OT aren't racing smoothly door2door, they're usually drifting, blocking, spinning, or ejecting themselves and/or each other from the track in often dramatic fashion...kind of like the movie.

  • Yes, I looked at the new Star Wars Cars with the light saber, maybe a little rc or magnet Shenanigans’ :) — Dusty
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