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Dusty Thursday, 11/24/2022

I recently watched the Speed Racer movie on a flight to NY, and I liked the cool jumps, flips, and drops. Just thinking about how I could accomplish these track effects with DCR. Any Thoughts? 

Thank you all in advance


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GspeedR 11/25/22

Are you referring to the 2008 movie? If so, I've always thought that diecast open track racing, in general, was a good comparison to how the cars performed in that movie. When diecast cars on OT aren't racing smoothly door2door, they're usually drifting, blocking, spinning, or ejecting themselves and/or each other from the track in often dramatic fashion...kind of like the movie.

  • Yes, I looked at the new Star Wars Cars with the light saber, maybe a little rc or magnet Shenanigans’ :) — Dusty
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Dusty 1/9/23

I have been watching quite a bit of track builders and starting to design some 'EVENTS' like triggered track switching, change lanes, etc. has anyone seen any kits or builds like this? Go Speed Racer Go. 

  • things like a tilt bridge would be easy, — dr_dodge
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SpyDude 1/9/23

Magnet shenanigans would be interesting, but it would have to be a strong magnet underneath to repel the car passing by quickly above for the flips and such. And hopefully you would have the magnets glued to the bottom of the car the correct way - otherwise, you would go to pass over the magnet in the track, and instead of being repelled, you would get stuck right there on the track!

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dr_dodge 1/10/23

you could build a track with a bunch of tiny holes in specific places and use air pressure

blow on the side, super slide,
angled under the car, turbo boost,
straight up super jump, etc

I think the magnets would be a pain, as was said above, controlling the polarity is critical,
and magnets are not effective unless you are right on them

we use magnets in the slot cars we race, and 1/16-1/8 inch change in car height makes a huge difference in the magnetic downforce

  • Air pressure can be used, but you would have to have a big tank all ready to go, and have a way to set it off as the car passes that point. — SpyDude
  • an air hockey table uses a big fan, I think that could be a simple approach, and tiny holes drilled in the "hazard" places — dr_dodge
  • I like the idea, maybe with some USB fans and a pressure trigger, thoughts and pics? — Dusty
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