Collecting and OrganizingSpeed Rebels???

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So, what is known about these cars? Playing Mantis is/was behind them, so what's the deal with this corner of the diecast universe?


first for me, never heard of them... Fast?
Have no idea, may scoop up a few and see
Holy cow. A Kay B Toys sticker. Loooong time no see. Lol
I noticed that as well, oh and that not my hand holding the car

I bought some when KB was still open before my racing days started. JL collectors supposedly didn't care for them because they didn't think they were realistic enough looking. The few I have are not fast and with narrow bases/short axle lengths they tend to be all over the track.  I think there were 8 different castings and each was released in a variety of colors. They weren't available in the White Lightning chase version either so if you were a WL collector you didn't waste your time on them. 

Good to hear from you, and good info thanks
Thanks for the heads up

They are 3/4 size versions of all the same cars from Johnny Lightning Muscle Cars I release.  There are 2 wheel types they came with and a ton of different colors.  I have a quite a few of them.  They can be good to use the wheels on something else.

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