SQ11 or GoPro?

SergijGrytsak Saturday, 10/10/2020

Which camera is better to use for static angles (turns, start, finish, springboards). Found a cheap SQ11, or the picture will not be very good?



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Chaos_Canyon 10/10/20

With static cams, you will want a fast shutter speed and high frame rate (depending on how fast the cars are) as they will tend to look very blurry as they are moving and the camera isn't. If you can get something that can shoot 120FPS at a shutter speed of 1/240th then you should be ok.

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SergijGrytsak 10/11/20

Who can demonstrate difference between 60 FPS and 120 FPS on his track racing. 

  • All of my footage is shot at 120fps then played back at 60% speed in a 24FPS timeline for the main race, then the replays are either 30% or 15% speed - you can see in the jump cam footage (the one closest to the track jump) how the cars can still look a bit blurry but it is still a lot clearer than if I shot at 60FPS or a lower shutter speed — Chaos_Canyon
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