Starting straight, single, then Open

Dusty Tuesday, 11/22/2022

Is there a reason I see many tracks start with individual straight yellow runs before opening to a wide track to the finish? I would like to hear you thoughts.


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Uncle_Elvis 11/22/22

3D did it, so everyone followed suit 

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SpyDude 11/22/22

Like the man said, 3D did it first, but there's a reason.
Going straight from the start line into a open-lane track allows the cars to veer back and forth immediately, causing a lot of chaos and killing forward momentum.  The idea behind the single lanes to open track is for the cars to get up to speed before they go to open track - otherwise you have a lot of crashes and DNF's way further up the track.

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CrazyEights 11/22/22

Straight and single is how most of us like them.

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Chaos_Canyon 11/22/22

As SpyDude says, it does reduce the crashes out of the gate. On top of that, it allows you to run chicanes, jumps etc that are far more difficult with open track.

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GspeedR 11/24/22

Just for the inconsequential record, DCR was running single lanes into open track many years before 3D started. But I agree with motivations above, fast moving cars have better stability than slower moving cars because each spinning wheel is essentially a gyroscope (albeit w/questionable efficiency). The more RPMs (and mass) that a spinning wheels has, the more nanograms of influence it will have on attitude of the chassis.


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Dusty 11/24/22

Thank you, all makes sense :) 

I do it b/c it's a cheap way to get more straight track......the crash racers sets have tons of turns but only a few straight pieces

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