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dr_dodge Monday, 11/14/2022

I have a Nikon D80, and I need to get a better lens for the still shots of cars and scenery

What y'all using?  I am looking for a lens that has a deep depth of field.

additionally, I'm also considering buying a video recorder, any suggestions for an inexpensive one that captures the cars clearly?




50mm , 35mm 

  • my current lens is a 135-18 zoom, but the available light makes it alway want to use the flash, which screws up the pic — dr_dodge
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Chaos_Canyon 11/14/22

If you're only shooting stills, use a tripod and set your exposure time for longer in manual mode. I'd also recommend using the 2sec timer, where it doesn't start the exposure until 2 sec after you press the shutter. This allows the camera to settle and reduces any chance of blur

  • I have a remote release, I think I should explore the long exposers, guess it's the only way to get the depth. I'll try that. Thanks — dr_dodge
  • I take all my shots with an iPhone and you get a very shallow depth of field — Chaos_Canyon
  • I am trying to take picks on my train layout as backgrounds, so want a deep focus area. Because the train set is HO (1:87 scale) I am hoping to get the feel of distance with the smaller buildings in the background — dr_dodge
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