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Stock Box Tournament **Now full**

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DTaylor44 2/28/24

Mrs. and Mr. BFG would like to be in

  • Oh most definitely. So does that mean you would send a total of four or a total of eight cars? — ChaseFamilyRacing
  • A total of four please — DTaylor44
  • Great, sounds good. Thanks for entering :) — ChaseFamilyRacing

Me and Isaiah would like to race 

I'll race the 62s and he will race the 42s 

So 4 total

Still open?  If so, I'd be in for at least 2. 

I'm in if still possible. Cheers from Bavaria

May I get in please 

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WallyChamp73 2/29/24

New Jersey Drive Racing would like to participate in this event?

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Fat_Dad 2/29/24

In if room. 

There is 1 spot left for this tournament

Awesome, Thank you!

I want in please 

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UmiRiRacing 3/4/24

Dang I missed this. Is an alternate spot available? Thanks!

  • The race is full, including the alternates. If someone backs out, You will be first to be asked if you want to enter. — ChaseFamilyRacing

Question for clarification. Is it any Matchbox 42.99 and under or just any Matchbox 42 to 42.99?  The YouTube video kinda made it sound like the cars had to be 42 to 42.99 but you were calling it 42 and under. Sorry if I don't understand. I've worked 36 hours in the last 3 days and my brain just can't figure it out right now. Lol!

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