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STOCK RACE - Gold Hot Ones -

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Fat_Dad 1/18/24

2011 Hot ones count?

  • As long as they’re gold! — Commotion_Diecast
  • I have one. I probably won't be too competitive bc I don't have any timing on my test track but I'd love to join if you have space. — Fat_Dad
  • Gotcha down! — Commotion_Diecast
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KandORacing 1/20/24

K&O Racing will crawl out of the grave for a brief moment with 3 cars

Ill send one brother 

Shipped Yesterday.

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Numbskull 1/31/24

I'm guessing that this dose not qualify as a Gold Hot Ones.

My apologies Commotion.

I have been unable to find / test any ol' beater gho I have here,

to be anywhere where I think it would be competitive,

let alone the time/travel factor and racing the best, so I am withdrawing my entries.

I wish you a successful event, and best of runnings to all the competitors.

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RLoRacing 2/8/24

I'm in. Sending them out today 

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RustyWheeler 2/11/24

I'm in for one car! Sending one to ya! 


Rusty Wheeler

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Numbskull 2/11/24

bring ing vodka

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Numbskull 2/25/24

On the way.

Have the cars been sent out/back yet?

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UmiRiRacing 6/11/24

Okay. Anyone that's been in the racing community for a while would either have never heard of Umi Ri Racing, or maybe just started seeing our name pop up recently. So...we're new here. We're made up of my (soon to be) 7 year old son Kairi and I. This is an awesome hobby that I'm thrilled to be able to share with my son, and all of the incredible people in this community that we've been fortunate to interact with and even get to know over these past few months. All of that being said...

I don't know how things usually go. But I know that what my experience has been. We've entered a handful of mail-ins and have received all of the cars back in a really reasonable amount of time after the race. Full disclosure, I don't have a number for Rob here at Commotion. So I haven't texted or anything. And I know things come up that are more important than our hobbies, so first and foremost I hope everyone is okay and that it's just been "one of those things and stuff happpens". Also, I'm grateful we were able to compete in this fun race.'s not as simple as hopping down to the grocery store and picking up 3 fast(ish) 41 year old Mirada Stockers because our three didn't come back. 

So - really, really hope all is well and I don't want to alienate by son and I by maybe rubbing some people the wrong way here. But...what's up? Can we please have a status update or something? The race was nearly 3 1/2 months ago. And a bunch of fast GHO are probably fairly meaningful to all who sent them in. They are to my son. And to me. So I'm rolling the dice here and assuming that I didn't lose a package on my end or forgot that they came back and there in a random jammer in our house. I'm thinking not, though. Okay, now you go. ;)

  • Had a life issue come up that stopped everything in its tracks. Apologize deeply for the delay, most cars went out today and the rest on Friday. — Commotion_Diecast
  • So to that, I’ll just say I hope everything is alright or at least on the right track. That’s all anyone has to say to me. Real life takes precedence over hobbies. Hopes things end up as well as they can, man. — UmiRiRacing

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