Store owner really helped me

Banjo Tuesday, 6/18/2024

I went to a local hot wheel shop and met the owner, we talked Hot Wheels and I explained to him that I raced Hot Wheels and was just looking for fast cars. He was so nice and told me he wanted to help with my racing program! And he's so graciously donated all the carded cars you see here and let me take home the bin of cars to race on my track to find the fast ones. When I'm through going through these cars, he has probably another five totes for me to go through. I want to thank Rodger from collectible craze & toyz for helping me and for being such a kind and generous person.


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jlane 6/19/24

awesome! what a score!

  • many nice people in this hobby! — dr_dodge
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CanesBart 6/19/24


Awesome! Too bad I don't live in Tennessee ;)

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JBlotner42 6/19/24

I need to find one of those new f150s. 

  • I got one, but just so you know, they are very, VERY wide yet light. — LottaSpeedRacing
  • I know i ahve the red and blue versions. I want to see if the black runs any better on my track, the red is just a fraction too wide vs the blue which is not. I think its the wheels tbh — JBlotner42

A $3.99 car for free? Sweet deal!

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