Stroller is at it again. Revised track.

Stroller Thursday, 7/23/2015

Well my Switch Back track fell through so I have reconfigured it into an open track raceway.  It has 18 feet of level track fed by a 2 foot ramp set at 30 degrees.  At the en of this section is a homemade curve track with a six inch radius that is hooked into an eighteen foot ramp that is an open track headed back the other way. This section is about  2 1/2 to 3 cars wide.  At the fourteen foot mark the track starts to narrow down to a chokepoint 1 car wide at the 16 foot mark and a 2 foot finish. I tested about 50 cars.  Most were stock and some were custom.  About 10 could not for one reason or another make it to the finish line.

Racing is started on a single lane track with one car behind the other.  The car in front of course has the advantage but it does not always win.  Sometimes the rear car will catch and pass the front car.  That is so cool to see.  My thinking is if you win from in front that is one point.  If you win from the second position that is worth 3 points.  Making a video a little later.  Probably tomorrow for better light.....


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JDC442 7/24/15

Glad to see you're back at it Stroller!  

Did you know that you actually won the Bare Muscle II race recently?  Chevy C10 entered a Ford Torino (gold roof) under your name and it ended up being the fastest car in the fleet.  As champion of Bare Muscle II you'll be receiving the top three 57 gram entries along with a trophy built to display those top three racers.  

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Stroller 7/25/15

Wow that's cool and amazing,  I really would like all that, but I really didn't do anything.  It doesn't seem right.  Maybe these items should be sent along to C10.  ..........I really appreciate what C10 did..............Stroller

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Stroller 7/25/15

Sent a couple videos to Photobucket and they disappeared..  This is not the first time.  Will try again later. 

The track now has a 6 foot starter ramp.

The turn around curve is now all  sheet metal.  It has a vertical wall that makes the corner very abrupt.  I have been testing cars and the lower cars corner best.  Tall cars like gassers tend to flip over.  This track has passing, multiple passings in one race , wrecks, spinouts and cars leaving the track all together.  If you have a car with a high rear the car following you can run up under you and flip you off the track.  I you have a chin spoiler on your car that sticks out you can wreck by digging it into the track's metal walls.  It will at least stop your car. Slicker cars travel better.  I think this will be my next racetrack.  I'm thinking of allowing both custom and stock cars.  The reason is I have seen a few cars fly off the track and hit the concrete garage floor.  None have broken so far but when it happens you have been warned.......later Stroller

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Stroller 7/25/15

Go here to see test track video sampler...

Sorry for the quality of this video but the lighting was awful.  Over cast and raining.

Anyway you can see that there is good race here plus wrecks ad unexpected events where anyone could win.

Faster cars win most.  When this becomes official you could enter as many as 3 cars and there will be qualifying.  Your car must be able to run from the starting line to finishing line.  Yep some cars don't make it.  You do get 3 tries however.

Waiting till I get more interest before making this official.

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