Summer Products/Marz Karz

PagodaRacing Thursday, 1/6/2022

Do Summers Metal Products/Marz Karz fit on orange track? Has anyone modified them with HW wheels and axles and been competitive?

I know the wheels are crap but there is an old casting I like. I haven't found any locally to test out.

Thanks, Old Grumpy


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SpyDude 1/6/22

I have an old Rolls Royce, but have not modified it yet for HW wheels. (I agree, the original ones on the car are garbage.) They seem to be a lot thinner than "normal" cars, so bouncing back and forth between the side rails of the tracks could be a problem. (EDIT: Just looked at the back of the package: the Rolls is actually 1:72 scale, so that would account for the thinner wheelbase.)

Thanks SpyDude,

That might explain why the Can Am cars look so wide sitting next to other Summer cars. I just purchased one on line. I'll take some measurements and post a follow up after delivery. 

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