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redlinederby Tuesday, 8/17/2010
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Despite the Fantasy season just starting, I'm looking ahead to my next Hot Wheels project, a super HW drag racing database. The goal is to be a database of results and ratings where people can look up car performance. However, this database needs to account for all the manufactured variations of cars, which where I need some help.

As I'm less of a collector and more of just a racer, so I'm not really hip to all the car variations over the years. And when I say "variations" I mean variations that would effect car performance, not paint variations or spoke types.

I'm looking for things like, are body and chassis both metal? Does it have FTE wheels? Etc...those type things...I just don't know or have a list of those type changes over the years and hoping you all can suggest some other things to consider for this database.

The project will also account for variations in track, like length and type, but that will be more generalized than car specifics. This database would also only be measuring stock mainline cars as they come off the pegs, no mods and at this time, no other brand than Hot Wheels.

I want someone to be able to come to this database, click on "Ferrari 250 GT" and see an overall, global race history of the car that includes all variations on various tracks with a rating for each one. Then, for example, the user will know that the Ferrari performs better on short track than long track, and that it historically has trouble going head-to-head against the Ford F-150 but always wins against the Baja Bug.........that type thing....

So please post your thoughts and suggestions on what type of variations impact car performance and that'll help me kick off this project with some confidence.


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Gravitywerx 8/18/10

I don't think that the hot setup should be discovered through scientific experimentation; It would render every other model obsolete. What works best on a certain track should NEVER be scientifically established, mainly because racing is competition between individuals and whatever setup they bring to the race. I do not disclose what I know about what works on my Gravitywerx circuit, nor do I use my best cars in the Youtube videos. A scientific establishment of the hot setup on my track would be impossible anyway because of the variables caused by start position and contact with other cars. George

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markkaz 8/22/10

With all do respect, while it sounds like a cool project, the stats
are a moot point. You could open 20 of the exact same model
from the same release with the same wheels and race them
all on the same lane of the same downhill track and get a
potpourri of results.

While it would be a cool database to peruse, the stats will have
such a high margin of error that it is unreliable.

That being said, let's imagine that a kid likes to keep track of
his own personal cars that he races at home. He can have a
page where he can keep track of his cars results. Now there's
some value there!

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redlinederby 8/22/10
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Yes, you're correct, the margin of error is high - but I guess my goal wouldn't be scientific research or anything, just some fun. But math does have the advantage in the long run Even with several variables in play, such a database would accurately show one car's abilities over another assuming the data set was big enough.

But to say my intent is grounded in fun rather than trying to prove anything. Like you said, it would be fun to browse such a data and generate charts and stats and all that type of stuff. No different than any other stats for any other sport or competition.

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slash288 12/12/10

I still think its a great idea, if you took a model of car, say like a 07 GT500 which they have ALOT of on the market. you could get 10 of them and race them and im betting 6-7 will be almost identical, but you would have the 3 or 4 that are the odd balls either faster than all the rest or complete duds and slower than everything. But if we had plenty of instances submitted, the average should be able to tell us if its a good car or mediocre and not worth buying and racing to find out its a dud or not.

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