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SuperHeroes and Villains Tournament

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revhobbies 1/15/22

Just to clear up, you can have your logo or other logos on the cars, as long as the main focus of the car is it being a Hero or Villain.  

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GrumpyCloud 1/15/22

The "Devourer of Worlds" and his Herald are heading to HI.  

can I enter ?

Sign me up for 2 please!

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ShannonBR 1/19/22

If you got room for me, Down Squad Racing would love to send 2.

  • Sure do! Got you down for two, thanks! — revhobbies

Hello,   I would love to enter if there is still and opening .. If there is can I have a mailing address so i can send the cars to . 


Is there spots still open 

Put me down for two please. One of each.

Oh I totally want in on this please. 

Bay City Darrell

Bay City Diecast Racing


Spiderman & Deathstroke coming along nicely. Won't be long...

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SpyDude 1/27/22

Darn, I had a car I've been saving for something like this, but when I put it on the scales, it was almost 55g STOCK. Gotta look for another car .... Am not officially entering yet, will update if/when I am able to.

(The car I had was the Iron Fist El Camino, metal on metal.)

I would like to send two cars!  Thanks!

G4 Diecast Racing

"Daddy G"

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