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SuperHeroes and Villains Tournament

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Learnector 2/21/22

Venom decided that Spiderman should not have an easy road to glory and despite my best efforts for the last month he convinced Tragic to take over a giant tarantula so that he could enter the tournament.

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revhobbies 2/21/22

There's still some open spots.... 8 days left to get your entries in.  At this point priortiy mail would be your best bet!

  • Setting axles, placing decals, polishing wheels. I will be there "on time". — Numbskull
  • Lol gotcha — revhobbies
  • I'll will def go in your next event mate...Will give me time to post a car over to you.I look forward to seeing ya awesome work on Youtube! lol also looking forward to racing at Thunder valley again soon.. Warmest regards, Macey — Thunder_Valley_Raceway
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Numbskull 2/24/22

Numbskull Racing is on the way.  Shipped with ludicrous speed.

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ShannonBR 2/25/22

Down Squad Racing on the way. 

Hulk and Syndrome are ready to battle! 

  • That Hulk V-16 looks badass. — Numbskull
  • I hope my Venom TVR tangles with yer Hulk V-16. — Numbskull
  • Thanks man! Your builds are always fast, so I kinda hope we don't meet up until a later round. Lol! — G4DiecastRacing
  • It's always a pleasure. — Numbskull
  • and I think yer caddy wins unless I get lucky. — Numbskull
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Learnector 3/1/22

Ah! The Hulk looks hungry and Syndrome looks sinister.  They do need lots of pistons to hual all that extra weight.  How grand!

  • Hulk is definitely ready to smash! Syndrome just may be "all show and no go". :) — G4DiecastRacing

Well, that was an embarassment. But, my first attempt at building - I guess I can't complain too much. It's a learning experience. Next time I'll polish and lube my axles when allowed.

  • At least it wasn't a complete wash haha! All in fun, we're all learning together which is what makes this community great! Thanks for entering, I appreciate it. — revhobbies

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