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Tail of the Dragon track build journal, premise & insights

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Field testing about as expected...sometimes they take each other out in Plunder...sometimes it's the run between Plunder and Ravage...sometimes in Ravage...and then 1, 2, or all 3 will have clean runs and rocket through both Plunder and Ravage...going to be absolute mayhem!!!

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Rusty 7/23/18

That is looking great.You making me want to get out my ol' Sizzler stuff.......

  • Thanks need to start sending in some cars!!! — LeagueofSpeed

Almost done...finish it up's Big and Nasty

I changed the final design just a touch...I think it was the correct way to go...shortened the final two runs to 4' and 42 3/8"...and had the final curve...Pillage, turn back into the room...just have to fender washer down the curves and the Dragon will be awake...I give you the...Tail of the Dragon.

  • I will eventually paint the frames black...just didn't have the time do it before the race. — LeagueofSpeed
  • Great looking track! This is going to be awesome! — Dadvball
  • Thanks Brother...Looking Forward to it for sure!!!! — LeagueofSpeed
  • Rad. Let the dragon awake! — redlinederby
  • And don't forget to take shots and add it to the directory...lots of folks will enjoy seeing this — redlinederby
  • Will one little final touch come race day.. — LeagueofSpeed

I knew those little checkered flags from the Race Aces jump set would come in I turn my attention to Damnation October build for the Inaugural Race October 20th...stay tuned!!!

Officially done...Plunder...Ravage...Scorch and Pillage have been anchored down for the 3 Wide assault...Track is mega secure...every connector is screwed to the track base and every curve is fender washer'ed down to the track base...we are ready for Battle.

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