Where to get team stickers printed?

Lily_the_Dog Thursday, 3/2/2023

Would like to start giving my team logo stickers to tracks that I send out cars to. Any suggestions on websites to use as well as sizes for the stickers? Thanks!


Hi Lily! :D

I bought mine from Sticker Mule. 3" round vinyl.

High quality and decent price. My only complaint is that the backing can be difficult to remove. 

  • Thanks Daddy G, appreciate it! — Lily_the_Dog
  • nice work on the logo... making the G & 4 look similar, sweet job — G_ForceRacing

that's awesome!  I'd love to 3d print your logo to put on my track if you don't mind sending it to me?

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redlinederby 3/3/23
Site manager

I've always used Sticker Guy for my vinyl sticker printing. Good price for good quantities. I usually only order the 2- or 3-color option but they offer everything. Never had any issues and quality of the stickers has always been great.

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