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The Birdco 1000, New Year's Day mail-in

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The official logo for the Birdco 1000!! Thanks to KCLH Racing for putting it together!

There's been a number of people asking for the rules ot be posted here.. I have heard the call..hehe... and here you go...

You will still need to email me at for the mailing address(es), but I hope this helps!


You have the option of either:

A: Purchase one of the 64 new cars provided courtesy of Wolvens Wheels and 69 Chips. The car will be picked by “blind pick” once the entry fee has been paid and will be labeled with your name and number in the line up. The cost is $2 Canadian…$1 going to Wolven’s Wheels and 69 Chips to cover some of the cost of the car and the other $1 Canadian going to cover the shipping of the cars to the winner and to help cover any extra shipping costs incurred by Nick DDeavers. Preference will be given to international racers. This offer not open to residents of Alberta. 


B: You can still ship your own car directly to Hot Wheels Calgary along with a $1 Canadian entry fee to help with the cost of shipping.


C:Mail your single(1) car entry(no extras please) to Nick Deavers by November 13,2020 along with 0.50 US to help cover the cost of shipping.The car must be wrapped in bubble wrap and taped completely with your name on it.The group package will be mailed to Hot Wheels Calgary on November 16,2020.For any cars arriving after the cutoff date, it will be decided at that point weather or not the car will be returned.You will also need to submit your $1 Canadian entry fee.

If sending extra(gift cars), it will be up to the sender to send them to Hot Wheels Calgary at the sender's expense.Please do not send extra cars to Nick Deavers.


Maximum 1 car per household/Team. Feel free to piggy back( IE: Bubba sends his car to NDR, then NDR sends them all together to save postage).

Cars being shipped directly to Hot Wheels Calgary must be into Hot Wheels Calgary by no later than December 11,2020. 1 or 2 day extensions MIGHT be allowed depending on distance and date shipped as well as the number of cars received by the deadline. This is to allow time for late shipments from distant lands, to allow time to get things organized in relation to the number of cars, prizes, etc. This will also keep cars being shipped from being trapped by the Christmas package rush. It is strongly recommended that you ship via a courier rather than mail service.

A minimum $1 Canadian entry fee per car entered is required to help cover the cost of shipping the prize. The preferred method for sending your entry fee is Paypal or electronic email money transfer via . If needed, cash included with the car is acceptable. Outside of Canada, please do not send coins. Paper currency only.

A maximum of 128 cars will be entered. Any cars after the 128 will automatically be set aside to go into the daily races on Hot Wheels Calgary or a possible secondary race event,depending on the number of cars received by the deadline,so please don’t wait until the last minute to get your car in. If sending more than one car in your package, please clearly identify which car will be in the event.

If sending extra cars to allow others to enter, the sender will be responsible to cover the $1 Canadian entry fee for each car. This will allow younger and/or less privileged diecast race fans to enter.

The entered car MUST be loose/out of the package and bone stock- No Graphite/lubricant on the wheels- No Mods of any kind. Any cars found with mods of any sort or still in the package will not be raced. FTE, Ultra Hots and Blackwalls are all welcome. All brands of stock 1/64 diecast are welcome. There are no weight restrictions, but the car must fit in the Hot Wheels 6 lane raceway starting gate and be able to pass clearly through the 3dBotmaker finish gate.

The car must Pre-labeled with your name or initials, etc plus a blank label/spot for a number to be written. Masking Tape, stickers or any other adhesive label is accepted. Any extra cars sent for the daily races need to be also labeled with your name or initials.

If you wish(not expected) to donate money to cover any unforeseen costs involved with this presentation, these donations will be gladly accepted and will be put towards expenses directly involved with this event and not for profit. Please email and please advise of your donation amount and if you wish for it to be used for a specific purpose(food, prizes, equipment,entry fees,extra shipping,etc). Any leftover money will either be offered back to the sender or will be added to the prize pot. All donations will be kept private and will not be mentioned to the public unless otherwise discussed in advance.

Unfortunately, due to recent events, any public negative accusations against Hot Wheels Calgary, or anyone else involved in this event, including other competitors, will lead to the removal of the accuser from the event, the loss of their car and the loss of their entry fees. This is not open for discussion.

The Races:

The track setup,Pepperpot Raceway, is being graciously provided by 69 Chips and Wolvens Wheels.

The cars will all be raced on 2 twenty foot long track setups:

First track will have a “2nd slope” similar to Birdco Raceway

Second Track will be one slope followed by a flat run to the finish line.

The first round of eliminations will likely be chosen by random pick. From there the brackets will be built as we go for both tracks. 

There is a possibility that the brackets could be made by an online bracket maker like where the first round might be made by the program. I'll let everyone know in advance what will happen. 

All races will be best 2 out of 3. In the matter of a 3rd round being needed to decide a winner, a coin will be flipped to decide…. Heads: cars stay in the same lane  Tails: they switch lanes. First Car to win 2 races(not necessarily in a row) will move on to the next round.

In the case of a tie, the cars will be reset back into the same lanes for a re-run. In the highly unlikely event that a 2nd tie happens, the cars will switch lanes for a restart.

If a car comes off the track before crossing the finish line for any reason, or does not cross the finish line for any reason, it will be counted as the loser of that run.

If a car gets stuck in the start gate due to “installation error”, a rerun will be allowed for that run.

During the races the chat will be open(hopefully). We will not be able to tell you specifically where in the competition a specific car is. We will try to have public access to the bracket throughout the event, but barring that, we will attempt to come up with a way to show the bracket once in a while. 

At the end the final 2 winners will go head to head on Birdco Pass to decide the overall winner. Car to go furthest in 4 runs will be crowned champion. In the event of a tie, there will be a 2 run time breaker. Each car will get one run in each lane with the car going the furthest being the winner. This race will be recorded and posted as a premier at the earliest possible date following the live stream. Time allowing, the 3rd round will take place the same day.


1st Place:

The grand prize will be all the cars entered! 

The overall winner will have the cars sent to them.Entry money will be used to pay the shipping.Any leftover money(or as much as possible of said funds) will be converted into a gift card of the winners choice.As little money as possible will be kept by anyone involved in this presentation.

2nd Place:

A 50 Pack of Hot Wheels and a gift card of the winners choice in the same value as the gift card for the 1st place winner.

The 2nd place prize is courtesy of KCLH Racing and 3K Mania Racing.

This prize will be sent direct to the 2nd place winner and not from Hot Wheels Calgary.

Any outside prize offerings are welcome, but they MUST be sent directly from the party offering it to the winner. Due to a lack of storage room and the extra shipping costs, I can not make any exceptions to this rule.Any “prizes” sent to Hot Wheels Calgary will become property of Hot Wheels Calgary.

I almost forgot.. last night I announced a new prize for the Birdco 1000 diecast mail in event! I also picked out cars 31,32,33 and 36? Wait?! 36? Watch the video and you'll understand...hehe...

Cars 37-41! 

Please be nice me...

More Cars and Happy News!

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SpyDude 11/9/20

So, in short, we have a 128-car rip-and-run event, winner takes all.

This might be interesting ......

  • You have it correct. Email me at and I'll send you the information. — CalgaryDiecastRacing

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