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The Birdco 1000, New Year's Day mail-in

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Sneaky_Bob 12/11/20

I will be sending a car out next week.  I hope you still have room.

  • Yep... There is room.... but don't wait too long... the mail system is getting busy with Christmas... please fire me an email at with the tracking number. Looking forward to seeing what you send! And thank you for supporting the event! — CalgaryDiecastRacing




  • Cool!!! Please put out an early video on what time the race will be for our outside of country racers. Thanks, Po'Boy! — PoBoy_Racing

  • Aaron, it's not right that you give up your spot, when its your race, and you've put in so much should at least get the thrill of seeing your car in the race. So how about this idea- a race in race? If the late entry shows up in time, have it go up against another car for the right to be in the Birdco 1000. You could put it up against your car so at least there is a chance, or I would be willing to let the Peter Bee entry, the 71 El Camino, go up against it. Just an idea so you don't have to sacrifice your spot. Take care and see ya at the races!. — Peter_Bee
  • Sometimes I think you're too nice. The purpose of a buy-in car is to have a car in the race without having to choose one. It is absolutely ridiculous that someone wants to "choose" what random car they get. If they aren't happy with the car they drew, too bad. To whoever the person was that whined about the car they were assigned-next year mail in the car you want to race. Despite what your mother told you, life ain't fair and you aren't special. You have to play by the same rules as the rest of us. Don't take advantage of Aaron's kind nature. SMH. — Peter_Bee
  • NO. You earned that spot just like everyone else did - even more so, because you are the one doing all the hard work. The person bought the car, sight unseen - they get what they get, just like the rest of us who did buy-ins. If the car is late coming in, it doesn't get to race, just like if you showed up at the race the day after it was run. You still CAN race if you want, but you are going to be the only one on the track ..... — SpyDude
  • @Spy Dude: If you're the only one on the track, it's not a race, it's a time trial lol — Peter_Bee

I picked up the custom built track tonight for the Birdco 1000 happening this Friday LIVE ON HOT WHEELS CALGARY YOUTUBE CHANNEL! 128 cars... 2 track setups... the 2 winners will battle for the championship on Birdco Pass! Winner takes all the cars! As well as a Classic Diecast Charity Race as the half time show!

I hope you'll tune in!

  • Wow, that's an awesome track. We need details on the track itself now ..... — SpyDude
  • The track is 20 feet long(as I understand anyway). All seamless track. Custom built start gate as well as a custom bracket to house the finish gate. I don't have details on the ramp angle or ramp length yet. I hope this answers some questions. :) — CalgaryDiecastRacing

Start time for the Birdco 1000 has been confirmed at 8 AM Mountain Time Jan.1/2021. The Birdco Pass Final may or may not be delayed until Saturday the 2nd, depending how the main event goes on Friday.

Hope to see you there!

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CrazyEights 12/31/20

Hahaha!!! Funny how things work out! So I couldn't beat MDG or his affiliates to get out of the first round all last Season. First race in the new year.... Birdco 1000, Rd. 1, Race 11... Me vs. MDG. Lol!!!

  • You will actually go up against him on both track setups. We will be using th same bracket layout for both races. — CalgaryDiecastRacing
  • So I'm gonna lose twice. Yay me! Lol! — CrazyEights
  • Were the brackets posted? I can't find them... — Peter_Bee
  • hheres a link on the birdco 1000 video on YouTube. the link for tomorrow is already posted. — CrazyEights
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redlinederby 12/31/20
Site manager

FWIW, what 8am mountain time means for US folks:

  • 10am Eastern
  • 9am Central
  • 7am Pacific

  • Yay! Let's here it for the other US diecast racers living in the Mountain Time Zone that don't need to figure out the actual time of a live event because it's always listed under the other three! This is a very rare occasion! :D — G4DiecastRacing
  • There's time for mountains?!?! You're making that up... — IndianaDiecastRacing
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CrazyEights 1/1/21

At least the person that beat came in second on the slope track.

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