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The Birdco 500 Mail In Event!

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NDeavers80 1/18/19

My cars should be going out today

I've been getting several emails and messages asking " What's the Birdco 500?".. Well.. Let me tell you..

The Birdco 500 will be a mail in event, with the cars being raced on 2 seperate tracks… Birdco Raceway and 41-14’s track.

The Birdco 500 is brought to you by 41-14 Racing, Redline Derby Racing,Diecast 64 Magazine,3DBotmaker,Thunderground Racing,League of Speed,Kal Tire 694,many other generous sponsors and of course, Hot Wheels Calgary!

Each person may enter a maximum of 2 cars. Each car must be a new 1/64 diecast on the card…. Any brand.. Any model…. Any year… FTE’s are allowed.

Each time a car wins a heat, it will get a point. The car with the most points after both tracks, will named the winner.

The prize packages are currently as follows:
1st Place:
All the cars entered- potentially over 200 cars!)This means that unless you win, you won’t get your car(s) back)
A 1 year subscription to Diecast 64 Magazine.
A mystery prize courtesy of 3DBotmaker.
And another yet to be announced prize.

2nd Place:
A custom diecast courtesy of Thunderground Racing YouTube Channel
A Hot Wheels Calgary T-Shirt
Plus 2 other yet to be announced prizes

PLUS!! There are more prizes constantly coming in, so there may be more added to these amazing prize packages!

Plus!!If you live in the Calgary area, there will also be a draw for 2 free oil changes courtesy of Kal Tire store 694.

Plus!! there are other prizes that will be drawn for!

Someone recently said “The diecast racing universe is about to converge on Birdco Raceway!” And it’s true! We have entries from London,England and New Zealand!

So… Are you wanting to get in on the biggest diecast racing event of 2019?

Email me at with a subject line of “Address Please” and I will send you the mailing address. If you live in the Calgary,Alberta area, let me know and we can arrange a meet up to save you the shipping costs.

For more information, go to Hot Wheels Calgary YouTube Channel and look through the Playlist marked “Birdco 500 Mail-in Event”

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redlinederby 2/5/19
Site manager

Looks like the HWC 500 is a go! Congrats on the 500 subs. My cars will be in the mail this week...looking forward to the action. Great job building your channel and giving everyone another hot spot to race.

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72_Chevy_C10 2/9/19
Event coordinator

This is very nice to see :)

I have 'banged the drum' of 1/64 scale racing since 2014, and there were lots of people banging that drum long before me, here on RLD.

Good luck with the Birdco 500...the first race I ever hosted was a rip-n-race. By leaving it wide open, I'm kinda curious what will win...I'm guessing it will be a Caddy16 fte, a Way2Fast fte, a BWF Camaro, or some other known fast car. But, it will be fun to see.

I'll be popping in here every now and again to see how things are going...and, hopefully, I'll be able to do some hosting once my life settles back to 'normal'.

So, good luck continuing to grow the sport and your channel...and banging the 1/64 scale drum! I feel like the sport is in safe hands

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