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The Bone Shaker Brawl

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BlueLineRacing 10/16/20

Just a friendly reminder that the Bone Shaker Brawl entires are due Oct 23rd. Good Luck to all!

  • Shipped my cars out today. Hopefully be there mid-week. — redlinederby
  • Sounds good, I’ll let you know when they arrive — BlueLineRacing
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BlueLineRacing 10/19/20

Half of the field are in. Rest due by Oct 23rd. When your cars get here I will send you a message here. Thanks 

  • Subscribe to BlueLine Racing on YouTube. Race video will be posted late Oct 30th or early Oct 31st — BlueLineRacing
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Dadvball 10/19/20

I apologize but I'm out. There's been a couple of unfortunate family things over the past few weeks and I just forgot about it. 

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GhostRacing 10/21/20

Not able to do this race either. I was really looking forward to racing on the NE Beast. I'll hopefully be in the next one. Good luck to all the racers!

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KaBoom 10/21/20

BlueLine, I apologize I have  completly been comsumed with other stuff and let the deadline catch me. Sorry Don

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BlueLineRacing 10/22/20

I'm going to the Post Office on Sat in anticipation that all of the Bone Shaker entries will be there and accounted for. If for some reason you are late or are not planning on entering after an original commitment to join please give me a heads up. If you are delayed the last possible day for arrival here will be Oct 26th. 

  • Looking forward to the "on time" action! Just attack a tow rope on the front of my shaker, and attach it to one of those Red Pill Cars you show cased the other day! That should do it! Hehe, cheers! — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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I apollogize Blueline Racing, I wasnt able to send in cars after all. Apparently work felt that it was more important then Diecast Racing...... I almost had to quit!

Work of Course....

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BlueLineRacing 10/30/20

The Bone Shaker Brawl is complete and will be posted tonight at 8pm on BlueLineRacings YouTube channel. I will also post the race here but for me at least it's usually easier to watch straight from YouTube. Thank you to everyone who participated. I think you're going to enjoy it.

  • Sweet! Are you using the YouTube premiere for the first viewing? And after it's aired, don't forget to submit the results for the topic. — redlinederby
  • Cool. now I have two 8:00 youtube videos. then its sleep time. 1 1/2 trek to the fleamarket tomorrow. — CrazyEights
  • Not sure what YouTube Premier is to be honest. It isn’t my first video, not sure if that is a requirement. I think you’ll enjoy it . Lot of time went into it. — BlueLineRacing
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BlueLineRacing 10/30/20

Thanks for watching Mike

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Go_Time 10/30/20

Wow!!! Just watched, Great job hosting!  And congrats to Redpill!

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JACRacing 10/31/20

Very nice job with the video,excellent race. Congrats RPR!

Great work BLR!

Many thanks!

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