The Crooked Possum, Possum Hollar that is....

Rusty Sunday, 2/2/2020

Possum Hollar has kinked up!! I've always enjoyed LeagueofSpeed's Bootleg Run track along with several You-Tube tracks.Many have one thing in common,they are  not straight..I've been looking for some of the Vintage double lane curves from Hot Wheels.Well a buddy fixed me up.Now we can play.This is just the starting of the track.Still messing with it,but this is fun.A lot to do still..

Home made starting gate along with a 6 lane finish line.I just like the way they talk..


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Rusty 2/2/20

We do plan on getting it all off the floor..Maybe just a few inches,but off the floor...

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Mattman213 2/2/20

Looks like a fun time!


Fantastic!!! Love a Road Course!!!

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Rusty 2/3/20

Well we got the possum off the floor...

Bet ya never heard that phrase before....;>)

Slowed the track down some,which is what we wanted.

Added the Boar'sNest,etc..

Plus you don't have to bend over as much!!

  • Nice countertop there with the carpet, I should have done that. LOL, haven't heard the Boar's Nest in ages, bravo! Where's Cooter? — redlinederby
  • Looks great — LeagueofSpeed
  • Thanks Guys,Cooter is on his way.. — Rusty
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Rusty 3/8/20

Well as fun as the Road course was,we needed to straighten out the possum.

Been trying some different builds and needed straight line accurancy.

The road course will be back in some form or another.

main thing is to have fun!

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madmax 3/8/20

I like your straight line layout, but the possum made me wonder how many cars visited the wall on turn one ... lol

  • Well belive it or not,that was not the problem curve... — Rusty
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