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The DRAG CAR Challenge

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EconoCarl 5/12/13

WOW! My cars really like everlings track!

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FOTF 5/14/13

Glad to see the King made it to the top eight; but I'm REALLY surprised he was beat by Carl's Pro Stock--and that the Pro Stocks did better all around! Thanks for doing this extra race, Everlings! Great job Smitty, Carl, and...I think Smitty again, if I'm remembering correctly who won Pro Stock. It's been a great event!

Sorry guys,been off the grid for a bit, once points are finalized I'll get prizes out to the winners.

arrgh, beat by a point in pro-stock....dang! Congrats Smitty,a well earned championship!!!

My car fell apart after the LJLRC

Also congrats to Mcjiggiles for a dominating funny car run.!

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Mcjiggles9 5/17/13

So sorry everyone. I've been MIA got this past week. Our family went on a cruise so I haven't been able to connect to redline at all. I have a lot of catching up to do! Ill update points when I get the chance today

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Mcjiggles9 5/18/13

FINALLY got the points updated. Sorry Everyone! congrats to Smitty!!

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model40fan 5/18/13

oooowwweee ! been awhile since the sloppies won a series...oh, wait, isn't this the first half of traction event's "drag cars series"? .... well a half series win ... ALTEREDS and GASSERS to come ! ... can't wait !

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EconoCarl 5/18/13

... ALTEREDS and GASSERS to come ! ... can't wait !

Yep . . . you've already got a fast GASSER!
Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

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model40fan 5/18/13

one and done for all my racers... gotta give a new creation the chance !

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Dadvball 5/18/13

Congrats to WCR on the Funny Car Championship, and to Smitty for the ProStock Championship and finishing first in Team Points. Thanks McGiggles for keeping track of the points. Congrats to all the racers and the race hosts. I had a blast. Personally, I'm thrilled with my Funny Car and happy with the ProStock. Gives me something to work on.
See yas in NASCAR!

First off thanks to all who entered! This was my first ground up event and I think it was a great success.

Special thanks to Mcgiggles for also taking care of the points I threw in a extra car for that...(not pictured)...enjoy.

I had only planned prizes for funny and pro-stock...not the team acheivement...But I tossed in a trophy girl and drag tree.....

Prizes pacakges headed out in the morning:

Funny Car:
Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Pro-stock..and team:
Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

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WorpeX 5/19/13

Whoever got the Mongoose... I am very jealous!!!!

all prizes, are shown as delivered...please post up if you did not get your prize/s

thanks again all!!!