The final tournaments, season finale

redlinederby Friday, 9/24/2010
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If only my math skills were as good as my diecast skills...the last tournaments of the season are here! They totally crept up on me. The three tournaments scheduled for next weekend are it!

Well, not really. The three tournaments listed are the final player-entry tournaments for the season. The last chance for players to earn bonus points from entering a car.

The last true tournament of the season is the Champions Tournament which will be held the following week. The Champions Tournament will NOT have any player entry stage and will start directly with bracket picking. This will be the last race to earn points, and achievements will be ON for the tournament, so if you still haven't unlocked some of those trophies, a few extra bonus points could mean the difference between first and second place.

Following the Champions Tournament, the player with the most season points will be crowned champion of Season 2.

Following the season finale, I have one special tournament planned that everyone will be hearing about shortly. I will also take the time after the season closes to update the system, fix bugs, and add some more stuff to the game.

If all goes to plan, the next season of racing will start in November.

More details soon. If you have any questions, please post them here or DM me.


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redlinederby 9/24/10
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An obvious note, but the Ferrari tournament means that someone will unlock the BALBOA trophy, worth a cool 75 bonus points.

I think Jobe is the only one that has unlocked it so far. The race is on!

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Jobe 9/26/10

Man, I blew chunks on the races yesterday! Oh well.

Ready for the big finale, although the points spread is widening, it's still pretty close.

Good luck everyone!

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