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The FREEZIE500 @ 905Diecast

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Please put us down for car #03!

I promise I won't be late this time! Bay City would love another shot. #12

  • Fashionably late just means a fancy entrance — Crazy_Canuck
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DeeJay 1/6/23

Ok, I'm in....

Aka DeeZaster Jakk #26

Oh this sounds like a real hoot!  Spirit Of '64 would like to enter!  #64

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PuffsRacing 1/7/23

I want in Puff racing #29

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Numbskull 1/7/23

Count me in please.  #55

Cheers, Numbksull

  • Awesome! Can’t wait to have you back at the Trail — Crazy_Canuck
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MrDarq 1/7/23

#13 Mr. Darq - Dubious Diecast please

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GrumpyCloud 1/7/23

I'll take a spot! Number 22 please.

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CraigsterSr 1/8/23

Craigster Sr is In please... #7

  • Hot NUTZ gonna melt some GWN snow! Welcome aboard — Crazy_Canuck
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Sneaky_Bob 1/8/23

Sneaky Bob would like a spot in this race please. #21 of course.

If there's room, I'm in. #43 please. Since you're looking for F1 style I assume a Lakester wouldn't qualify...? Thanks!

  • Thanks for joining…I’m looking for entries that are open wheel with an F1 style wing/aero package with off road/knobby wheels…interpret that how you will…;) — Crazy_Canuck
  • Oh man... Now my imagination is runnin' overtime. Thanks! lol — FeralPatrick

Bad Wool Racing is in, #98 please.

  • Looking forward to having you! Welcome to the Trail! — Crazy_Canuck

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