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Sunday, March 5th, 2023
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Crazy_Canuck Friday, 1/6/2023

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Verglasia: The Freezie500

Welcome to the Cold. The people who call this snow covered paradise have embraced the frozen landscape. Once an outpost ruled and controlled by the Tekmortians…the inhabitants of this world successfully defended and rebelled against their tyranny. The moment the Tekmortians left there was a tremendous celebration. It concluded with a race honouring those left standing. The victory is marked by a competition of open wheeled high performance racecars. These machines are fitted with special tires designed specifically for the snow covered terrain which has been sculpted into one of the finest cryo-tracks in the universe. This annual exhibition of speed and ice has been dubbed the “Freezie 500”…and this year, competitors will travel from all corners unseen for the honour and privilege of hoisting “The Frozen Chalice of Verglas”.

This is not a wasteland…

This is not a barren chunk of ice and rock…

This is the cryo-topia …

This is the winter wonderland…

Welcome to: Verglasia

Freezie 500:

Rules and Specifications

Date: Cars Due March 3rd, races go live after the F4B finals.

Channel: Hosted by 905Diecast

Overview: Open wheel class racecars fitted with off road/knobby wheels. Any colour. Car must have custom paint/decals and number. No STOCK liveries. Numbers are first come first served. Please include a brief drivers Bio with your entry slip. Have fun with it. Think of how StarWars characters interact in that universe. Be human, Martian, Grut… whatever character you want your driver to be. Reflect it in the design of the car and let loose.

Weight limit: unlimited. whatever you can cram into an open wheel casting. Weights must be concealed in vehicle.

Car size/dimensions: must be 1:64. We will be running a moto style start gate, so don’t worry if it doesn’t fit orange track. We are requiring open wheeled F1/Indy style cars. This includes fantasy castings (please refer to picture for examples) If unsure, please contact the host with the casting you would like to use.

Wheels/axels: wheels must be off road wheels. Any axels allowed. If you wanna tube, got for it.

Lube: dry lube only

Class: Modified entries only

Entry limit: 1/ builder (please include an entry slip with your car)

Return Shipping: $10usd. Or contact host to make arrangements should you want the entry back.

Track Info: Primary Race on the Elevation Trail at Lakeridge Heights…The all new “Elevation Trail” at Lakeridge Heights is a wide open straight ski-run style track with a jump half way down the slope. On the right: you have a generous guardrail that will help keep you pointed in the right direction and headed to the finish line. On the left a freshly packed snow bank. Nobody wants to run into the snow bank unless they like getting snow jobbed…Jump the ledge half way down and cross the frozen pond before the finish line for maximum points. Overall length is 15feet-ish.

There will also be the possibility for an outdoor snow/ice track (weather permitting). If race 2 occurs, it will be classified as a separate event and will NOT include the last place driver from race 1. (Please read disclaimer below). The last place driver for the second event will also be subject to the disclaimer below.

Format and scoring: We run 3 wide at the Heights behind a Moto-Style start gate. The track is wide open from top to bottom passing 10 check points along the way. 1 point is awarded for each gate crossed, and an Extra point will be awarded for crossing the finish line first for a Max potential of 11 points per race. We run 3 times down the hill so each car has an equal opportunity in each position to make it as fair and as far as possible. Cars will be randomly assigned into groups of 3…then assigned groups in following rounds according to points accumulated. Ties will be settled by a 2 race runoff where whoever collects the most points moves on. Top point getters in each group move on.

Prize: A fancy clear block of ice for the victor!  And all the fame and fortune that accompanies such a race of this calibre! The winner will also be held for a later event TBA.

DISCLAIMER (Please Read, and you must agree to the chance of never seeing your driver/car again)

Death and destruction to the car that finishes in LAST place…no joke…the last place car will be kept at the track and sacrificed as Tribute to the racing Gods, so make sure your driver knowns what they are getting themselves into. If the last place racer has paid for return shipping, then their team will be compensated accordingly. Their vehicle to forever be enshrined for the heroes left standing at Verglasia.

Tekmorto came…

But they didn’t win

This is victory

This is celebration

Only…in this race

Whatever you do

Don’t finish last…

#00-Iron Beard(arrived)
#1-Schottys Diecast (arrived)
#3-Code 3 Motorsports 
#7-Craigster Sr. (Arrived)
#9-Uncle Elvis(arrived)
#12-BayCity Diecast
#13-Dubious Diecast (arrived)
#15-kyle gray
#16-hudson gray
#17-Kelston gray
#18-Easton gray
#19-chandler gray
#22-GrumpyCloud (arrived)
#26-DeeZaster Jakk(arrived x2)
#29-Puffs Racing(arrived)x2
#41-Bent Rod Racing(arrived)
#42-PWC Racing (arrived)
#44-Triple B(arrived)
#49-RustBelt Racing
#64-Spirit of 64(arrived)
#77-Golden Owl(arrived)
#84-John Receveur
#220-RagTag Racin (arrived)


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Uncle_Elvis 1/6/23

In! #9

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Uncle_Elvis 1/6/23

Also, it is hilarious you think the FFB finale will be on time...

U_U is in with number zero

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Ragtag RACIN wants in....


Papa is in - #72 please

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Sam_Haul 1/6/23

In, please!  #11

i am in for #84

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RLoRacing 1/6/23


You know old #49 is in

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GoldenOwl 1/6/23

You know I'm in! #77

Fun! Lone Star is in. #34

Would Love a Spot Please!

#41 Is this Acceptable? Knobbies standing by.

New Mystery Model. Works a lot better, Was sweating hogging out wheel wells. Only have one to  messup!

  • Nice! I will accept that casting with knobby tires — Crazy_Canuck

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