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The Freezie500 (FANTASY MUSCLE)

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Could I join # 32

Casting: Original Roger Dodger 

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MWAI_Racing 2/9/24

MWAI Racing #88 if you have room!

Could we get in? We have a maisto "street speedster" that we have been wanting to race for a while. This seems like the perfect tournament to enter it in. We'll race as #171. 

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CraigsterSr 2/16/24

In Please!... Craigster Sr. #7 - 'Gov'ner' work?

I didn't see the rule about knobby tires. I don't think I'll be able to put them on the casting I wanted to enter. So I don't think I will race this one, my spot can go to someone else. 

  • thats the challenge, the knobby tires make for a different build, but you can just find an offroad bottom, and put your top on it — dr_dodge
  • Have a go at it…that’s what makes the build fun — Crazy_Canuck
  • it could be your first international race, too — dr_dodge
  • The thing is I was entering this tournament to race this miasto car I have been wanting to race for a while but I don't know if I could find any knobby tired axles the right length. — Roberts_Diecast_Motorsport
  • I'll check with our local Walmart and see though. — Roberts_Diecast_Motorsport
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Lemme kno if

Mussel Beach qualifies, it'll get dressed up for the show,

I know the 911 I sent in b4 was a lil unsightly/target practice FEEL FREE

IT WAS V NICE FRESH, got pawed putting lift on it, dulled the paint & had no more for touch up.

I love the building seen, did u see numbskull's 911 here featured. a few articles down. Incredible. Same time I like played with aesthetics, homemade $ bare metal. I would feel like a copycat if I built like numbskull & most, your Stone Rd custom work was cool. 

Mine come together with whatever I have & serendipitous mostly. I had actually thought of doing a candy apple red 911, before I saw Numbskulls. I am not a red car dude. 
anywho, period end of sentence.

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# is infinite non recurring 

casting mystery, I  found it &  the cobra

if this freezie is strictly issued fantasy muscle, I am happy to watch &cheer

  • This Freezie500 is for Fantasy castings that look like Muscle cars…if that car is a production car then unfortunately it won’t qualify… — Crazy_Canuck
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Foursix 3/1/24

I'd like to build for this...


Foursix Diecast Racing

Sweet 16

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DaBlazeMann 3/1/24

This is Blaze from Burnout Peak Diecast, hoping to claim a spot!

Our racing number will be #999 please

And would Spinebuster work for casting? If not, I'll choose Hollowback

  • Hollow back would be badass!!! — Crazy_Canuck
  • Holloback it is! — DaBlazeMann
  • So, does it have to be a specific kind of Off-road wheel? Or can it be any wheel that has treads molded into it? — DaBlazeMann
  • As long as the wheels are treaded it can race. Slicks are for the streets — Crazy_Canuck
  • What's your policy on extra fitted details? (I.E. widebody kits, spoilers, blowers, Ect?) — DaBlazeMann
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Fat_Dad 3/2/24

May I join? If so, Drift'n Break - #86

I want to race!

Sign up Justin Thyme from Fool's Errand Racing if you please.

He will he driving the Custom Otto,  #5.

  • Your timing is impeccable…lol…yer in! — Crazy_Canuck
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Big_Poppy 3/3/24

Big Poppy Racing would like in casting unknown as of right now. I'll have to look through my castings this week. 
Big Poppy/Driver. #21 please one for stock race and one for mod race please. 

  • It’s just 1 race…I will accept stock weight…but I highly recommend against it… — Crazy_Canuck
  • Also, #21 is claimed…please chose another number — Crazy_Canuck

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