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The Freezie500 (FANTASY MUSCLE)

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NDeavers80 3/27/24

Is there still room? 

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EnZedRacing 3/27/24

8 Crate offroader version.... does it meet the requirements of a muscle car or is it is it in the "Soccer Mum Wagon" category?

  • Thats a great casting... looks like a mid to late '50's Ford! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • From the world of Retropia… technically I will say it’s a fantasy casting — Crazy_Canuck
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NDeavers80 3/29/24

id like to use bullet nose 

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Crazy_Canuck 3/29/24

10 cars received so far...signup has been updated

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Crazy_Canuck 3/31/24

Oh yeeeeeaaaaaaah...I may have forgot to mention that in this race...whatever you do...DONT FINISH LAST!... if you need clarification refer to last years Freezie500

Custom Otto on the way.

  • Sweet! Did you have a graphic for the roof? Checkers are awesome! — Crazy_Canuck
  • Yes, and old brittle sheet of Super Scale International 1/8" red checkers. It looks like carries them. — Justin_Thyme
  • Your ride has arrived at the trail — Crazy_Canuck
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Spirit_Of_64 4/11/24

" on Earth I've taken the name 'Scooter Roundwell'. Fact is, I once lived on Vejik, a small moon not terribly far from Tekmorto-B.  We Vejikites share similar genetic structure to the Tekmortans so many of us have been lured to there with promises of lucrative work.  Instead, we're treated as non-sentients and they experiment on us(I've lost count of how many times I've had my skull opened up) and subject us to the most brutal and sometimes lethal tests, all in service of enchancing their own racers and vehicles. 

Meanwhile we are essentially prisoners, eartagged with a color/number codename and are only allowed to speak when prompted by an authority.  My codename was Lavender-82 and the only other non-Tekmortan I came in contact with was my cellmate, Lime-64.  One day, we were set to test a highly experimental engine/chassis combo, dubbed 'Nerve Hammer'.  While putting it through its paces, we noticed one of the test facility's gates was open.  64 and I locked eyes, we both nodded and I floored the throttle, not stopping or looking back until we arrived at the nearest shuttle dock.  In the time it took 64 to hack one of the shuttles the guards were nearly on us.  I looked away to start the engines, and when I looked back, 64 was gone, leaving his ear tag behind. He must've left to hack the dock's security systems and buy me some time.  I made sure his sacrifice wasn't in vain, and with tears in my eyes, I set a course for somewhere, ANYWHERE, that wasn't under Tekmorto control.  I touched down, okay I crashed(extra-terrestrial vehicles are kinda new to me) somewhere in your Rocky Mountains and tried to keep a low profile ever since.  I pretty much only venture out into the world to race(naming my race team after good ol' Lime-64) and/or stick it to Tekmorto any chance I get.  How d'ya like me now, Evil Daddy G?

I wasn't able to attend the first Freezie 500, but this time around I reckon it's high time to see what this pilfered piece of Tekmorto hardware can really do!  So I slapped some numbers and sponsors on the thing and away we go!"


  • I wish there was more creative back stories like yours! You’ve got a way with deep canon that’s for sure…I love it dude’ — Crazy_Canuck
  • Thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed it! I liked getting to do a bit of creative writing as well! — Spirit_Of_64

May I enter this event?

Casting: Velocita

Number: 97

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