The Future of KPS Kustomz

KPS_Kustomz Monday, 2/1/2021

Our General Contractor, Mister Italiano and I got together Saturday night and we discussed the new layout for the'll be an open World of Wonders around every corner. We've all seen the Easter Eggs that are in our collections...this diorama will be filled with cool, hidden features and it'll also, house an "underground" studio!

KPS Kustomz Affiliate, Dylan the Scot and his team will be building our background scenery, (i.e. mountains, tunnels and secret roads with hidden compartments)! 

My Krew and I will be laying out the roads, rebuilding the junkyard, building multiple racetracks and setting scenes in amazing 360 degree detail! My wife the CFO of KPS Kustomz will be working on scapes and scenery, LO Life Boyz, Big Homie will be assisting her and myself, the CEO of KPS Kustomz will be working with everyone throughout the build to make sure that, my Dream Diorama World comes to life just like I've envisioned it! 

If anyone in here bothers to read this...please comment below and when the time comes, you'll have a spot in the future LO Life Boyz and KPS Kustomz & Dioramaz World of Wonders! 




Sounds like a cool project. Look forward to seeing what you come up with

  • Cheers mates, thank you! — KPS_Kustomz
  • I have alot of fierce competition out there and what seems like deep pockets...however all those that want me to record the moment I don't have the time or money to invest in the right equipment!!! I want it, but it'll take time!!! My mother-in-law has stage 3 breast, she comes first!!! — KPS_Kustomz

Nice!  Please keep us updated. I would love to be a part of this future World of Wonders!  :D

  • Will do brother...we will have plenty of spots open! — KPS_Kustomz
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SpyDude 2/1/21

I got dibs on the shade-tree mechanic working on his rat rod in a corner of the junkyard (or any old car or truck from the '50's/'60's).

  • You got it brother...the yard needs a kool kat to work on the klassiks! — KPS_Kustomz
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Big_Al 2/1/21

Sounds interesting.  Looking forward to seeing what all you have in mind.  Stick Big Al in there somewhere.

  • Big Al needs a tire shop or a speed shop. — SpyDude
  • Big_Al the guys at the Kaos Chop Shop are looking for someone to check in "new inventory — KPS_Kustomz
  • Nice! Consider this my application! — Big_Al
  • Application Approved brother — KPS_Kustomz

This sounds very interesting.  I have always had similar lofty dreams.  It's cool to see someone actually going through with it.  If ya need a part time driver trying to find his niche in your racing world, Mike Crimson is willing to lend his services.

  • We need drivers to not only race, but scout out cool areas for 1:64 scale, off the grid locations! — KPS_Kustomz
  • Illegal street drags? I'll be there, too. — SpyDude
  • Um, heck yeah...maybe an abandoned airstrip!!! — KPS_Kustomz
  • Abandoned airstrip. I'm DEFINITELY in. — SpyDude
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KPS_Kustomz 2/2/21

BIG_AL this is the KAOS Chop Shop!!!

  • There is a mirror on one interior wall and you'll get your own toolbox as well — KPS_Kustomz
  • Awesome! So how does this work, exactly? Do I need to be making something? — Big_Al
  • Absolutely not, unless you want a custom of yours displayed here on the Central Coast — KPS_Kustomz
  • Big_Al...If you do make a custom...I'll make sure its posted up outside the KAOS Chop Shop at all times! A shop truck, hoopty, an Outlaw, whatever! — KPS_Kustomz

Great ideas!  I will participate.

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KPS_Kustomz 2/4/21

If anyone of you guys or gals would like to have one or more customs on display in our, future, Outsiderz Kustomz Shop...they'll be well cared for and out for our crew and visitors to see! 

I'll make another post for it soon! 

  • That's a possibility ........... although they need to be run down the track now and then to blow the dust off. — SpyDude
  • All of the races, may not be on camera...but they will be raced multiple times throughout the years! — KPS_Kustomz
  • Put them all on camera anyway and splice the races into one long video. We get to see our cars running, win or lose. — SpyDude
  • SpyDude my pockets aren't that deep brother...I'll see what I can do! — KPS_Kustomz
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