The latest batch...and some collecter questions.

Jobe Wednesday, 8/4/2010

I picked up a mixed case of 72 cars on ebay a week or so ago, and it was waiting for my return from vacation. These are mainly for my next upcoming races at the hospital (see my post in racing forum)

I opened it last night to find quite the eclectic mix of vehicles, most in the 2001-2006 range but quite a few going back to 1998, 1995 and even 1991! So it seems there is a discernable change in design and packaging about 2001 or so.
Do any of you longer term collectors have any info on this? It seems the late 90's cars were kind of boring and run of the mill with ugly (5 hole) wheels, at least in my opinion. Seems in the 2000/2001 things picked up and got cooler and more inventive perhaps? I don't have much to go on here, but the fact that I got two Dodge Caravans in the box is saying something! Really? who wants a 1998 Dodge Caravan hot wheel? I'm planning on heavily modifying one!

Here is a quick pick. I've already picked though the bunch at this point and taken out some cool cars I liked and a Hot Rod Magazine series run of 4 cars that is complete!

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox


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redlinederby 8/4/10
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Those older cars might be a little less to look at, but their dual-metal build makes them pretty spiffy. I find it interesting that they dropped the metal chassis for plastic. Probably made sense economically speaking, but there's something very satisfying about holding an all-diecast metal car.

Might I ask how much that case was? If I'm going to attempt to follow in your footsteps for public racing, I'm gonna need some easy/cheap car stash as well.

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Jobe 8/4/10

I hear ya on the all metal cars, I picked a few out for myself! Looks like most of the older ones even have plastic bases as well. The funniest thing is the older ones have some pretty 80's paint jobs and colors! I'll snap some pics of the more lovely ones in the bunch...some kids are just going to laugh and throw them back in the bag!

I got the case for $30 plus $15 essentially about 60 cents a car. I'll have to give the motorcycles and big trucks to my kids or friends as I can't use them but I got 50 usable cars out of the bunch including three FTE's and a couple of '09 and '10 models. Quite a few mixed cases on ebay right now for $35 or so. I'm hoping I can get a sponsor or something for my hospital races to help offset the costs, but I'm more than happy to pay for the cars if I can keep getting some decent deals like this.

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JDC442 8/4/10

Back in the 90s, when I was doing some of my heaviest collecting, I passed up a lot of cars mainly because they were either straight ugly, or because they were both ugly and had a plastic base, a double wammy! Nowadays, when you find a hot looking car that is all metal, you just gotta grab it, and then another, and another
Indeed, eBay is a great place to buy packaged cars in bulk. You can get a good variety of cars from different years at a lot less than retail if you shop around.

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redlinederby 8/4/10
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$35 ain't bad at all. Hey Jobe, I see a Dairy Delivery in there that would make a great Austin Diecast logo car!

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markkaz 8/7/10

Since you mention that you are looking at buying more cases, I would
suggest that you try to get cases that have more cars that you can use
on the track.

In the above pic, even though it was a nice price, there are a lot of
models that can't be used for downhill racing. You can always use them
as prices or gifts though.

Try to avoid the Hydroplanes, motorcycles, and 3-wheelers. Also keep a
keen eye out for the models with the wider, offroad-type wheels.

Hey! The Caravan is a cool model for a Hot Wheel! It was very popular
for awhile. It's a good downhill racer too.

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Jobe 8/7/10

Yeah, I learned my lesson with that case...but I bought it without a photo...that's ok.

Just picked up another on ebay that is all first editions from over the years for $30.

Oh the Caravan is getting modded this weekend...mwwhahahahahaha! No one will suspect a minivan!

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markkaz 8/7/10

mwwhahahahahaha! No one will suspect a minivan!

The Caravan is an above average racer. I seen your FTE modification. Nice!
Not only that but you have lots of room inside to add weight

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