The Nash has skinnies..

ChiefWopahoo Monday, 12/21/2020
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Have no idea why this intrigues me but the new casting called "The Nash" comes with skinny wheels set outside the chassis/body. It's also so ugly that it circles back around to cute. 


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Mattman213 12/21/20

Yes funky little casting but the sucker seems to move out too.  I love skinny wheels so I was intrigued by this thing from the second I first saw it.


  • I knew you would be all over it lol — ChiefWopahoo
  • Its rare to find skinnies that tall AND that arent wobbly as can be. So far...Im impressed. Now, not sure if they are worthy of making it onto a Mod but I will be doing some testing for sure. — Mattman213
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Uncle_Elvis 12/21/20

Have you seen the real car? Those skinnies are fairly accurate

  • I've seen photos and if I remeber right it had white wall tires — ChiefWopahoo
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TheMakersBox 12/21/20

I just picked up one of these this morning!  I'm curious how it runs on the track.  I agree about the original car having narrow tires.  I was also wondering if they were going to keep the original name.  They didn't.

  • I missed that, what is the original name? — ChiefWopahoo
  • The original name for the car was The Nashole. You figure out why Hot Wheels changed the name. :p — SpyDude

I already picked up the two I could find with the intention of harvesting the wheels for a future mod. Looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks of the wheels.

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SpyDude 12/21/20

I've been watching for this car ever since Hot Wheels said they were going to make a casting of it. The real car is a hilarious little ride that highly appeals to my rat rod senses.

Yeah, Hot Wheels had to change the name to make it PC and kid-friendly. The original car's name is the Nashole. Here's a link for more info on the car:

Psst.... It races on Birdco Pass on Christmas Day.....

But you never heard that from me....

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Uncle_Elvis 12/21/20

Watching it run on Tooth Fairy's road course at Rust Belt FB group was rough. I would not expect it to do well, and it did not. Redpill snagged one that is super quick on a drag course though  

  • I think on a downhill drag, it should do all right. The skinnies would not be well suited for a road course. — SpyDude
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RobertBcfc 12/22/20

Saw this one and was tempted because of the wheels, but it then flopped in Ghostjerker's KOTH. 

But, as Nash is my in-laws family name I couldn't really refuse :)

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Uncle_Elvis 12/22/20

Real life skinnies 

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