The New Fairmont, better, faster?

Dutch_Clutch_Racing Friday, 3/22/2024

I found the new Ultra Hots Fairmont today at Target.  Straight out of the package it beat my Front Running Fairmont that has graphite on the Gold Hot Ones wheels/axels.


The right lane is my - known to be - faster lane.

  • You sir... I thought I might be able to slow down my shopping for a few days, but this... — X2Whiskey
  • Always seems to work that way doesn't it? — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
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Chris_Hood 3/23/24

Sometimes, you luck into a hot runner right from the blister, good find!

I feel this Fairmont will be among the hardest to get on the pegs, introducing this legend to a new generation of racers!

A very cool casting

WallyWorld Here I Come!

  • It's an Ultra Hot - so only available at Target stores. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • NOOOOOOOOO! Poo! Trip to Spokane I guess — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • @ Bent_Rod_Racing - Let me know if you need a couple of Fairmonts. I went to Target today and they just loaded the shelf with Ultras and I was there to get a couple extra. — Desert_Rat_Diecast
  • Very nice! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Oh my! I will Gladly trade you some cars, Value in trade? have some Mustang SVO's and Mazda RX7's or? — Bent_Rod_Racing

Guess Ill be trying Target tomorrow and Monday... Hunters always get there before us Just bought one off ebay for $10... Ughhhh 

  • I wanted to post on Redline Derby as soon as I found them in stores....been watching for them to show up on pegs since January. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • @ Dutch, I live in a City where the sellers are very heavy im sure like most of us on here do.. I do get lucky from time to time.. If I want a car bad enough I look for the free shipping Ebayer and then Make an offer lower then asking price most times I can get a good seller to work with a price im willing to go with. — Desert_Rat_Diecast
  • I hear you, DR. I just bought 2 on ePay last night for $16. — FeralPatrick
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redlinederby 3/24/24
Site manager

That is a gorgeous casting. Even love the green.

But I'm a sucker for the Ultra wheels

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Vulfgang 3/27/24

Picked up a set of ultra hots a couple years ago. The 68 Cougar had some speed, the rest were slow. As with any casting; until the axles break in and you lube the wheels you dont know how fast it is. Of course I will be that old guy looking through every bin, rack, peg board... until I get some of these. Hot Wheels is operated by a bunch of sick *#&%^$@ who know exactly how to trigger our BUY NOW impulses. 

  • I stopped at 2 Target stores this morning with the intention of grabbing every Fairmont I could find and sell them to guys on Redline Derby at COST + shipping. Not gouging anyone. Pegs were empty. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Im with Dutch on this, I will also keep checking the Target and do cost plus shipping ... Ebay is ridicules on pricing.. But Im willing to help out others where I can.. Ill keep in touch as im stopping by tomorrow to grab that BMW Pace car. — Desert_Rat_Diecast

I actually found the Target not too far from here... I never go up in that direction unless I am heading back to NC. The pegs were next to empty but I found 3 of these! A first for me to ever find anything like that on the pegs... might have to go up there more often!

I had a chance to run the new Fairmont last night at the local 20 ft. drag track I go to on Wednesday nights.    That Fairmont was burning things up on my 14 ft. track at home but different track = different results.   Back end was getting squirrely and hopping around last night.  Did not perform well.   Was still relatively fast but would end up getting passed by the other lane/car close to the finish line.

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