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So, what's the next race on the horizon here at RDL? Is it R&D time in the collective workshops around the RDL community....I will watch the upcoming events while we all continue the Quest for Speed!!!

I'm thinking about doing a Pony Wars 2 race...kinda a Mustang vs Camaro vs Cuda vs Javelin (you knew I had to throw AMC in there) thing. I'll drag race the cars one weekend and build an 'open track' for the next weekend. 

If there is interest, I'll put up an official thread

I have a Javelin somewhere in my culled container...I had hopes for it.
In my younger days...the '80's...I had 4 different AMC Javelins...some day, I might have another one
I was born in 67, so a 67 Fastback when the kids are making their own money.

Sounds good, I'll keep an eye out.

Any open tracks?

Pon Wars will have both drag and open tracks

Not sure I want to spend time building something to get trashed on a sizzlers track.

What ever happened with the attack of the gassers race?

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