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The October Boneyard Classic 2

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MDG_Racing 10/21/19

Thanks to the Legion for hosting another fantastic, albeit small, event. Love diecast racing in North Carolina.

Congrats to all the racers, especially the Winner(no spoilers). Race On and Race Hard! Loved seeing all the creativity from the Boneyards.

Decent showing from the Bayou City cars taking third and fourth places. -MDG 'The Professor'

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Jabo66 10/21/19

Great race LoS. Some really cool looking modified cars!

  • Thank You...hope to see you in the mix come future races — LeagueofSpeed
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Dadvball 10/21/19

Congrats to the winner!  Awesome race and great builds, thanks LOS!  

The Stinkers part of my entries name certainly fit lol.

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Diecast64 10/22/19

Thanks for hosting LOS!  Fun race and some really great builds.  Enjoyed the team show video almost as much as the race!

  • Thanks my Brother...great race in the Final!!! — LeagueofSpeed

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