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The Super Rad 80's Sprints & The Mullet River Royal Rumble (Roster is full)

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Numbskull 4/13/22

My car is ready, but I just re-read the rules and I'm wondering if these wheels will be a problem?  These are my favorite sprinter-track wheels.  They are clearish with a graphite-silver tint.  I think I have time to build a new chassis if they are, but I would love to run these wheels.  I'm just checking before I mail it in.  Thanks, Numbskull Racing.

  • This car looks bad ass. I’d love to say the wheels are ok, but I told other they could not use clear wheels because they fall under fantasy. If I didn’t already have cars arriving I might have made the change, but I already have cars here and I have to keep it fair for them. — ShannonBR
  • No problem, I'll swap-out the chassis. — Numbskull
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Bongo 4/21/22

1984 Toyota MR-2 #42 from Bongo Motorsports is loaded up and heading your way! 

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Numbskull 4/21/22

New chassis, new wheels.  Now, Numbskull Racing is on the way, again.

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ShannonBR 4/23/22

Hey Everyone, Cars are due tomorrow. We have the majority of cars here, but we're still missing a few cars from drivers who haven't reached out to let us know they are on the way. If your car is already in the mail and on it's way, please let me know. Thanks!

On another note, I will also be posting a sign up for our next race today!!!

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ShannonBR 4/27/22

Hey super rad ladies and gents. We still have a few cars in the mail. These drivers talked to me and are on their way.So we're going to wait a couple extra days before kicking this thing off. Thanks for your patience.  

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ShannonBR 4/29/22

The Trophies for the winners of the Super Rad 80's Sprints and Royal Rumble have arrived. Thanks to our local custom trophy shop. We have a few cars trickling in. We'll be posting the first race in about a week. 

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ShannonBR 5/2/22

Hey Everyone! Just a heads up. I have a couple no shows. If the no shows don't show by the time I film Group 4 of round one. I will fill that group with second chance cars who have been eliminated in Groups 1-3. Which cars will be determined by points. Group 1 of round 1 will be posted by this weekend. 

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ShannonBR 5/4/22

GROUP 1 OF ROUND 1 is Up! You can also follow by searching The Mullet River Sprint Track on Facebook.

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