The Wheelie Big Race!

Monday, May 1st, 2023
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Crazy_Canuck Sunday, 1/22/2023

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Love cars? Love lifted trucks? Love mashing the two together? Well so do we at 905Diecast. We love it so much that we wanna throw a race specifically for them…we’re dubbing it "The Wheelie Big Race!” And it will be geared to all those car body castings that are mounted onto big wheeled chassis. You’ve probably seen these things around and wondered to yourself…”man, I wish someone would let me race one of those…” well, nows your chance. We are opening up the Elevation Trail at Lakeridge Heights to any casting that is a Car Body on top of an off road chassis…can’t find one in the wild? Don’t have one in your collection? No problem…cuz if you have the tools to mash something together…and it fits the specs then have-at-er! We’d love to see some crazy creations take on the Elevation Trail.

Date: Cars due at track by May1st.

Channel: 905Diecast

Weight Limit: 60g

Size/dimensions: 1/64 from any manufacturer. We run a moto-style start gate, so it doesn’t need to fit orange track. This is NOT a Monster Truck race…that will be another event for another time…

Wheels/axels: we roll the big wheels at the Trail…so as long as those wheels have some form of tread design on them we’ll run’em. Smooth wheels are for the street…and whatever axel set up you choose is fine with us. Even if you want to try your luck with rubber tires...we're ok with that...

Lube: dry lube only

Class: modified entries only. Must have custom paint/decals/livery or some form of all the above. Numbers NOT required...but that's up to you really...

Entry Limit: 1/builder. Please also include a race form with driver/car name/team so I know who is who… that would be great…

Return Shipping: contact host regarding return shipping. It usually costs me $12cad to ship to the states and I’ll do my best to get them back in a timely fashion should you choose to want them back.

Track info: The all new “Elevation Trail” at Lakeridge Heights is a wide open straight ski-run style track with a jump half way down the slope. On the right: you have a generous guardrail that will help keep you pointed in the right direction and headed to the finish line. On the left a freshly packed snow bank. Nobody wants to run into the snow bank unless they like getting snow jobbed…Jump the ledge half way down and cross the frozen pond before the finish line for maximum points. Overall length is 15feet-ish.

Format/scoring: We run 3 wide at the Heights behind a Moto-Style start gate. The track is wide open from top to bottom passing 10 check points along the way. 1 point is awarded for each gate crossed, and an Extra point will be awarded for crossing the finish line first for a Max potential of 11 points per race. We run 3 times down the hill so each car has an equal opportunity in each position to make it as fair and as far as possible. Cars will be randomly assigned into groups of 3…then assigned groups in following rounds according to points accumulated. Ties will be settled by a 2 race runoff where whoever collects most points wins. Top points getters in each group move on, however, should we need to, high point achieving second place drivers during the group stage may find themselves advancing to the second round in order to fill out a bracket. This is dependent on how many entries are received.


Best in Show- This award will go to the Team who’s car is deemed their favourite by the expert panel of Diecast judges at Lakeridge Heights. The winner will get something good in addition to having their entry returned free of charge.

Wheelie Big Winner - The overall winner (accumulated points overall) will drive away with a nice block of ice cut straight from the glacial wall of the Elevation Trail. It’ll come with some writing and a picture on it but it will also be accompanied by something good in addition to having its return shipping cost waived. However, the winner will be held at the Heights for a future event TBA at a later date.

Yellow Snow Award: this award will go to the team with the lowest overall score…we will have a little fun with it…but the team that scores this will be forever enshrined on the Trail for everyone to see…and possibly pity…we haven’t decided yet…

This race is capped at 36 entries, so get goin! You know who I'm talking to...ya you...let's go!

1-Karmic Racing (arrived)
2-Schotty's Diecast (arrived)
7-Uncle Elvis(arrived)
9-Sneaky Bob(arrived)
11-Bent Rod(arrived)
15-Code 3 Motorsports 
16-Rust Belt Racing (arrived)x2
20-Gray Wizard(arrived)
24-spirit of 64(arrived)
25-cyrano buckminister
26-the wooden goose(arrived)
27-road rage racing
29-Lily the Dog(arrived)
30-triple b-(arrived)
31- rasungod
32-rabbid badger

1-king jester(arrived)
3-Milestone Racing (arrived)


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Karmic Racing would like a spot please. 

  • Nice! That was fast…lol…number 1 on the list — Crazy_Canuck
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FeralPatrick 1/22/23

Sounds fun. I'm in.

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Numbskull 1/22/23

Count me in please. 

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PuffsRacing 1/23/23

I want in 

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RLoRacing 1/23/23


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Uncle_Elvis 1/23/23

Let me in!

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dr_dodge 1/23/23

I'll build a "not truck" for it

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Sneaky_Bob 1/23/23

I'll build one.

I'm in

The Gals in the Mod shop want in!

Sending the Crew to Jack tires now.

  • sisters of heavy metal doin' the same thing, hope they don't run into each other! — dr_dodge
  • Yer in…how many tires they picking up? — Crazy_Canuck
  • Have to tread lightly! Most likely they will either exchange info or a Great Cat fight! — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • Crazy_Canuk, at least a few sets, If it don't get too Hot! — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • the sisters think a 6 pack is in order, tires (and beer) wise — dr_dodge

I'm in!!!


Or am I?


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Papa_Pugsley 1/23/23

Papa Pugsley is in!

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