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The Zoom In casting craze and debate

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Just throwing out my opinion here for no reason other than to vent about issues like this that come up.  Again, this is just my opinion:

I personally only have 1 rule for Widowmaker Run: If it fits on the starting line gate you can race it.  That's why my first tournament is a mix of car sizes up to 1/43 scale.  Any length, weight, lube, mods or whatever is allowed.  No i am not doing mail ins, and might not ever do them, because I want to have the maximum freedom to race what I want to race.  I am just sharing it with the world if you want to watch.  Diecast racing to me is about 100% freedom to create anything I want and then race it.  Its literally the only type of racing I can think of that will no rules, there is no unfair advantage or cheating.  With gravity powered cars, open lanes, and various turns, dips, bumps, track widths, etc, there is no perfect setup or unfair advantage, you either simply win or lose.  And if you cant make it to the finish line, you get sent on the loop and kicked off the track.  :)

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DXPRacing 8/24/20

I am not near as seasoned as most who have been doing this for years.  I enjoyed HWs as a kid and after finding Ghostjerker and 3D on youtube I further found the racing community.  In my opinion, I like to see cars that race to look like cars and not shapes.  I own over 1000 cars myself just like most of you but I do not own one ZoomIn.  Personally I do not plan on it either.  I understand there is a time and place for such builds like an open mod or specific zoom race and that is fine.  That is where they belong in my opinion.  When I enter a race I look for the specifications and if they are allowed then I avoid.  That is my opinion and may not be yours, I understand.  What I consider myself doing of modifying a casting is different than fabricating a shape . Again time and place for such but I am not interested in that.  Some look fantastic by the way, it is just not what I got into this for.  I am glad to see some of the big names take a stand on this.  

sincerely DXP Racing

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CrazyEights 8/25/20

  • This — GenX_VintageRacing
  • Hey, now, some of the tracks those guys came up with for marble racing were pretty neat.... — SpyDude
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SpyDude 11/4/20

The only real reason to use a Zoom In car is the reason it was originally made for: drop a camera on it and run it down the track for a car-cam video. It was a novelty, it's a special-purpose car, and as others have said, it's about the closest you can get to the roots of pinewood derby racing. Want to run a race specifically with ZI's? Cool, do it. Mod the hell out of them. Run them as their own class, or run them as cam-cars. 

Either way, run it and have fun. Isn't that the whole purpose?

  • Zoom In won last month's derby event — Uncle_Elvis
  • Uncle Elvis, are you talking about the October RLDL? Because that wasn't a Zoom In. — Peter_Bee
  • Peter_Bee, it is entirely possible I am wrong, but go look at the car submitted by Voxxer again. — Uncle_Elvis
  • It is a HW Embosser chassis. I asked him lol. — Peter_Bee
  • Well, how about that? My bad. Apologies if I besmirched anyone.  — Uncle_Elvis
  • I can tell you that was not a zoom in I raced for voxxer — NDeavers80

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