The Zoom In casting craze and debate

LeagueofSpeed Sunday, 7/7/2019

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Well, I'm sure some of you know of the popularity with modifying the Zoom In platform...if you don' most likely will moving forward in the months to come...first, let me start by saying I think it has it's place/ niche in the racing hobby. However, it needs to be placed in it's own classification and raced against other Zoom In modified cars. I, myself look forward to building some and racing them in the future...but in the proper class.

The Zoom In platform holds a much more comparable nod to actual Pinewood Derby racing...where we also use the same science when modifying diecast cars...the Zoom In is produced by Hot Wheels...but that's where the buck is not a diecast platform you modify while keeping the orginal silhouette of said's mini Pinewood Derby all the way and twice on Sundays.

This casting will not be allowed in any race being hosted at the League of Speed Racing Grounds...unless it's a specified Zoom In race.

This is mini Pinewood Derby all the way...a basic platform one can buy for modification and racing...not Diecast racing as we know it...we'll call it Zoom In Derby Racing.


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MDG_Racing 7/7/19

I fully concur on this topic. Its got its place and can be a very effective modified casting as we've seen. 

Several that are currently holding titles and others that have won big races, have done so against mostly regular Hot Wheels castings that were also modified. But, not in the same sense of like LoS said of original silhouette being maintained. 

Moving forward I believe RLD and the Brotherhood of Speed has a duty to the diecast racing community to implement this and race on from there. - The Professor

  • Thanks MDG aka The Professor...we've got to start somewhere and Redline Derby is a great place to start. — LeagueofSpeed

Case and Point...Funny Cars have for the most part been classed to themselves...there are a few Rip n Races where they are allowed and some Open Stock races where there legal...but the vast majority of the's Funny Car only races.

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redlinederby 7/8/19
Site manager

I would agree with everything that's been stated. The Zoom In certainly lends itself to a ton of possibilities when it comes to modding and the science behind it. But I think most would not have an issue with it being it's own class of car, like the Funnies or whatever other outliers we've seen the past.

I'm sure someone will find a hole the in system and try to bend it to their will, but that's up to us to manage and deal with.

This is case where hosts need to be mindful of this and add it to their criteria/rules accordingly. Some sort of "Zoom In modifications allowed" line item. The last thing anyone wants is to host a race with high expectations and then someone roll in with a Zoom In custom and everyone else cry foul. Often if it's NOT in the rules, people assume it's fair game. So better to be too specific and field questions than leave it open to interpretation. 

But certainly, a dedicated Zoom In race would be very interesting to see, it all it's Pinewood Derby-esque glory. 

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Diecast64 7/8/19

I hear what you guys are saying. For the past few months I’ve been toying with the idea of adding a couple of new classes next year to D64, a restricted modified class where the car has to keep its original silhouette...or look like a real car...or something to that effect, and a restricted stock class with no GHO Wheels (Fairmonts), funny cars, … maybe no JL BWF Camaros and possibly FTEs? I don’t know for sure, haven’t worked out all the details. I will still keep open stock and open mod for sure and they will be just that, open to everything. I always envisioned the open modified class to be, and go, where it’s been going. A race to try out all your new stuff, to apply the science and to get really fast cars - but then apply what you’ve learned to the feature race and build some really cool fast cars. I always envisioned the feature race being the premier race that would truly show the best builders, but it hasn’t turned out that way (I always get the fewest cars for that race). Maybe it’s the element of luck in a couple of the different tracks, I don’t know, but the Open Mod seems to be the premiere class that everyone wants to win and always gets the most cars entered.  Anyway, if I add more classes I may have to change a few things, as right now I’m really pushing to get 4 done in a week. And not really sure the extra classes are needed. Maybe other races and venues (RLD, HWDR, DCR, etc) will fill the need for those classes and D64 can continue to be a consistent testing grounds to try out new things and see what’s really fast. I definitely think there is a place for all the innovations I’ve been seeing lately with the Zoom In builds. I just hope people will start taking what they learn and applying it to other types of builds. Anyway, don’t mean to hijack this post, it just seemed relevant to the topic, but you can PM me here on RLD or Facebook if you have any thoughts or suggestions on how to keep the racing fun and interesting while keeping a place for the innovation the Zoom In has inspired.

  • I'm just ready to get back to racing with all of you at D64 — LeagueofSpeed
  • Promoting interest should be main goal. Get the young folks into it. Or say by to it. I agree with y'all. I like them to look like cars. But need an mod learning class. Long live diecast. Y'all do a great job. — Flattop
  • I don't like the idea of restricting the stock class. I was the first person that brought Fairmont to diecast 64 and it dominated immediately. Since then we've seen them being sent from all over and the sheer number of Fairmont sent almost guarantee that at least a couple of them will make the finals. People would rather copy what they know as fast rather than go and find new fast cars. I've been trying to move away from the Fairmont a little this year and find some new castings and I think you will see that this month. Redpill racing is sending two cars that do not have gho wheels and I look for them to compete for a win. I'm also sending some new castings for the Sportsman division that have not been seeing it diecast extee for and I also expect them to battle for a win. There are other fast cars out there if people would take the time and effort to find them rather than just following the leader. — Red_Pill-Racing
  • I agree and disagree, you can start eliminated this casting and that casting from certain races and like Red Pill stated the racer will just go down the line onto the next fastest car they see winning races. The problem with that is, as everyone should know by now that it isnt that easy. I have probly 100 Fairmounts and 100 Mirada's and 100's of Funny Cars and 1000's of dollars invested in Snake and Mongoose Busses. My Point Is, having all these cars doesnt Guarantee a Win... it only gives you hope because you feel you invested in the right car. Remember It only takes one car to WIN! so when it comes to a Stock Class, that ONE WINNING CAR is a lot Harder to find then you think!... — RIVERA_RACING

Hello Los, and others.

I also agree with the sentiment in all the comments above!

I do however appreciate the skill and science behind the Zoom In builds. The builders are playing by the (current) rules and having great success. Congrats!

However, (Yes, I am getting into mod building, but I "have been around the block") when I watch the various race channels, I enjoy watching the skill of the builds that reasonably replicate a diecast build. I mentally,  and on the keyboard, switch off when I see the Zoom In Chassis, complete with a block on it, competing against diecast builds. (It doesn't look like "diecast" racing to me!)

But of course they should be allowed to race, they just need a well thought out class.

Cheers, aka Marc D

P.s. I do note that there are also a few different types of racing and understand that there are good reasons for a few different tweaks for each of them. ie "Orange track" type races, fat track races etc.

Ok I know y'all aren't fans of the zoom in chassis being used for mod racing but it's basically the roots of hotwheels mod racing. We starting modding hotwheels for fun, competition, and bc when we were cubscouts we raced wood and tried to apply the same principles to hotwheels. I agree their is a time and place for them but we can't complain when the zoom in casting has been out for a year now and somebody else thought of the idea to use it b4 we did and now they're beating us especially when its an open mod KOTM. Zoom-in are amazing and we should utilize them to help the videogame playing generation learn these principles. I don't know about you guys but I for one would rather be modding a Zoom in than twittling my thumbs playing video games

  • Not sure who you are referring to. I can't find one comment that implies we are not 'fans' of this casting as a mod. Or any complaining. I am the one who pointed out to 3Dbotmakers that the "Invasion" was bigger than his channel. So if you have lined up against them like I personally have at Nationals 2 years in a row, Diecast4Life, 3Dbotmakers channel then realization is, it is in a seperate category. Which is what this thread is about I thought. It is clear that it is great for beginners. Mattel takes 2 years to get to market on most castings. This one made it to the pegs 'after' that camera had been discontinued. And how many children have Go Pro cameras anyway? Racers buying them are helping clear the pegs. 4 colorations in 2 calendar years. Let them keep them coming. I need another 20 or 30. - The Professor — MDG_Racing
  • I just mean't you (everyone) weren't fans of people using it to gain an advantage without looking like real cars. — SavageSpeeder

I'm completely on board with a new ZI Class...And let's face it.....If RLD is not one of the governing bodies on Diecast Racing..who/what/

Seriously....People reading this....Have fun with it.....but this site is the Mecca for knowledge about the hobby and mail-in racing that is diverse as any in the in the Natiion...

...will RLD's ruling be the end all  decision on the ZI class...No... will it hold weight in the diecast community...Yes

...this is the thread that has inividual class written all over it.....the ZI Class

...looking like a RLD seperate class moving forward

  • Fellowship is Brotherhood....the Sensai of Speed has spoken....the Riddle..the Quest....Eternal.... — LeagueofSpeed
  • A class is exactly what it needs and we can lead the way my brother! — MDG_Racing
  • Once someone hosts an all Zoom In race, that's all we'll need - that will set the precedence. — redlinederby
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Big_Poppy 7/17/19

All great points! I have to concur with LoS and his desire for a classification of it's own. I've done a few of them and enjoyed it although I am starting to lean more toward regular mods. 

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Peter_Bee 8/19/20

I just started modding a couple of months ago, and the ZI is an intrigueing vehicle for sure. As LoS said, it is basically like buying a Pinewood Derby have a block of wood with axles and wheels (the chassis) and from there you do what you want. D64 has the Open Mod division which is pretty much anything goes. The rules for Modified Street, HOTS, and Open Stock all limit the castings you can use/what you can do. So what is the harm of having a seperate class for ZI chassis?

I, for one, would have no qualms about a race promoter dividing the ZI from other castings, nor would I be upset at having to compete against them if the rules allowed it. I'm old school, back when Smokey Yunick stated that if the rules don't forbid it, it's legal. So if I can use a ZI against regular castings, great. If not, that's okay too. Just tell me the rules and I'll work with what I have. It's up to the sanctioning bodies to decide what classes they want. The racers will follow the good racing.

That's my 2 cents on the matter. See ya at the races!

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CrazyEights 8/19/20

If you can't beat them, ban them.

So Zoom Ins are banned.

Red Pills Madd Catter... Banned!!!

Why not ban FTEs and NPAs?

Let's just ban racers who win too much.

I don't care who built it. What they built or what wheels they're sitting on.  I want you at your best. May not be today or tomorrow, but one day I'm gonna smoke that ass. There ain't no Koolaid in these veins baby.

So whatcha gonna do when my diecast runs wild on you???

I prefer when the cars look like cars.  It's why I watch the races at all, and why marble races don't appeal to me.  A putty slab with wheels on it isn't fun to watch.  So, I guess I don't care one way or another on whether folks put them into their own category or not.  The fun for me is to see cars racing, but then I'm one of the folks who came along due to discovering 3D's stuff.  For racers that pre-date me, I understand that it's less about watching as a fan, and more about watching for results.

  • I too prefer it when they look like cars and not like science experiments. Just more fun and is why I make that criteria a line item in my races, to avoid the racing bricks. I think the desire to watch for results is more when you've modded and mailed in a car versus just claiming a car in a fantasy race. — redlinederby
  • In NASCAR, there are 2 types of fans:those who want to see the crashes and those who enjoy the skills of running faster than the rest. Diecast racing is the same. You have the 3D race fans who like crashes and fictitious stories about make believe characters dying, then you have the racing fans who just want to see what is fastest. I label the crash watchers/story fans "spectators" and those who want the speed without the fake crap "race fans". Viva le differance! — Peter_Bee
  • peter im BOTH of those fans — SavageSpeeder

I'm a fan of 3DBotmaker but I also really enjoy just videos of cars going down a hill fast. No editing or stories just cars timed for speed. As far as these Zoom cars go, I have never built one and don't have any intentions to. I like cars that look like cars. I see no problem with a Zoom only class race. Why not? It's also fine if they're allowed in an open mod race. As long as you know the rules going in that's all you can ask. I would take joy in building a car that beat one of those led sleds.

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