Track Building and BuyingThoughts on a orange track transition.

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Thinking about building a two lane drag, and was not thrilled that Expert drag was not HW compatible. So, thought about cutting a "loop" connector in half.....did not like the angle of the drop, damn near vertical. So, picked up the "ramp" and noticed the "launch" section was near perfect for the transition( you just turn it around so the "launch" points uphill towards the starting gate)  and the angle of the "drop" would seem to work very well. Also, you can slide the orange track on to the "launch" section to connect orange track from drop to straightaway. I will glue the two "launch" sections to the 1x6 to anchor them down, should work just fine. The 1x6 will have to have some woodworking done where the "drop" meets the "transition", but as a General Contractor, I'll figure it out...simple enough. If this is old news, please cut the rookie some slack, but it will work well with a HW orange track two lane drag set-up.Hot-Wheels-034-Jump-034-Track-Accessory

i make those, ask brian about his, he did a track write up...

Saw that browsing through older topics...nice work! I have two jumps and just messing around with it free's perfect. I'll get them lined up just right with some liquid nails....and snap, major part of a two lane drag handled from track parts I already have.

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