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About a year ago, I heard of a smaller brand called Tiger Wheels. I guess they make all their cars in really limited quantities, (Like 5,000 each model). I want to get one of their '69 Chevy Camaro SS's, if I ever see one for sale. But my question is, does anyone have one on here? Are they fast or just regular cars?

Never heard of them, but I like their logo!

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They have one run of their Camaro still listed at $15.00 and a bunch of VW wagon series. Some Mavericks and one Shelby.

web site link

ask dadvbal or fotf their club has messed with them...

I have a friend on FB that goes by the name "Carefully Selected Diecast" and he has some of those tiger wheels cars. And the fastest ones that he has are the chevelle's. This guy knows what is fast, look him up and see what he has to day about them.


CSD's Tiger Wheels meet their match against FOTF's BWFs...another guy's (other than Sinisterdog--but I'm sure he could too) JLs can whoop 'em, too.

Now I feel like an idiot for sending you a P.M. because I didn't see your post

Don't worry--I took a look at the thread and commented quickly before I replied. I'm not CSD, though, so I can't help you with that part.

I have been looking for some at flea markets/garage sells as I have read some really good stuff about them on the tracks.

I was under the impression that they don't make them anymore, but maybe I am wrong there.

One question I have is why did they through in extra wheels for their funny cars and are they easily swapped in and out?

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Maybe in case the first pair gets bent? Anyway, I don't know how easy it is. I've never tried it with mine.

I have some chevelles and a Buick riviera and the Ford lightning wich is the same truck as the ertl fast n furious they are fast but lots of cars beat them here I guess it depends on the track and the height of the drop

My '69 Camaro I got was a dud, what a waste of the 75 grams it weighs!

Sorry to wake up this topic but I've decided to check out some older Tiger Wheels cars...the funny cars, to be specific. Why? Because I read up on a bit of Tiger Wheels history and it seems that their funny cars were purposefully designed to take down Mattel's offerings, which were dominating the tracks of Puerto Rico in the downhill racing craze of the late-90s/early 00s. The funny cars were TW's entry into the market before contracting the Anson Co of China to build their cars. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...well, I'm not sure if Mattel was "flattered" but TW's first funny car design was obviously inspired by the HW Probe Funny Car. But Tiger Wheels took it a step further by adding some weight and installing an 'efficient' wheel/axle, which were interchangeable.(Tiger Wheels even included an extra wheel/axle assembly with some of the early cars.). The TW Funny Car was released under various names(Electric Neon, Lightning Bolt, Red Dawn, Verdana Fire and Pantera) but the casting remained unchanged. In 2000, they released a new FC casting(although it could be a 'make-over' of the original) and called it the Firetiger 397 which was slightly heavier with a more aggressive appearance.  I picked up 2 Firetigers last week and they're a bit crude in appearance compared to your average HW car. The wheel & axle quality is very good. The wheels spin rather freely without any oscillations on the beefy axles(unlubed) and they seem like they could handle some serious RPMs. Now, I have to build a drag track long enough to run these typical 14 footer just won't cut it. Pics soon to come...hopefully.

keep us posted k n o.

There is a white Buick riviera... Supposedly the fast one... On eBay now 27.95+ shipping....these are getting rare, but at that price...not in my collection

Tiger Wheels used several different wheel types during their limited production. The early cars(including the FCs) used a hard plastic wheel that resembles a HW 5SP, but with thinner spokes. These wheels have a small raised ridge on the inner edge of the wheel, similar to some JL wheels. They fit on the axles with a very close tolerance so there's very little 'play' when they're spinning. With some graphite, these wheels spin as smooth as vintage redlines. I'm so impressed with them that I ordered 2 more non-FCs with these early production VW Bus and `70 Chevelle.  I've also read good things about TW's later production racing wheels. But, as Traction-Event mentioned, the prices of some of those cars are in the stratosphere.

From what I've heard almost all of them are terrible at the clubs on the east coast.... very few of them ever seem to be fast. With the low success rate that most have with them I won't be investing in any for quite some time most likely. Keep us posted though GSpeedR.

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