Time flies, championship nears

redlinederby Friday, 7/22/2011
Site manager

So I was scheduling the next tournaments and noticed that the set after this weekend in Texas is the last regular season races! The championship is near!

You might have noticed that the "Season Progress" bar is a little wonky and that's because of the extra bonus race we did in Nashville. That progress bar expects 16 races and it got 17 instead. Fear not, there are two more tournaments left after Texas and they have just been scheduled...they open the 31st.

If all goes to plan, the championship will beon the 13th or 14th of August. We'll crown our newest champion and they'll get to take home Jim's wonderful custom made display trophy.

And my rules still stand that if I happen to win this season, the trophy will go to the runner-up. I don't mind winning my own game, but I do mind taking home prizes so please accept that....but....a lot can change in 4 tournaments so we'll see.


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redlinederby 7/22/11
Site manager

Should also note that the track will NOT be changing for these last few races.

I've been posting a lot about changing the track and transition and stuff...this will not go into effect until the next season.

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