Tips and tricks for the new website

redlinederby Thursday, 5/3/2018
Site manager

Change is always tough but it's often necessary. The recent redesign of the Redline Derby website brought a lot great things including some little features that you might otherwise miss. Here's a rundown of some of the more useful things to make your experience even better.

Clicking the comment icon in topic listings will take you to the last page of the thread. No need to go page-by-page, just go straight to where you left off.

You can still search the site, it's at the bottom of every page. We use Google for site search now, so the results should be even better than before. However, you will get ads, sorry.

At the bottom of every section page are featured topic collections. Just looking for articles about finish lines? Or reviews? There you go.

The archive link at the bottom of every page will show you every category and collection. It's basically a site map of topics and articles, and great way to get lost in the site.

Use jump links at the top of topic pages to skip around. The links will vary depending on how many pages there are in the thread, but these links are handy for quickly getting to where you last left off.

Add events to Google Calendar. Never forget about a race again! Add any event to your Google Calendar and setup reminders.

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