Too Hot in The Summer

Freedom_DieCast_DragRacing Sunday, 6/23/2024

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Becuase of the heat, I relocated part of my track to a room inside the house, for the summer. Now it is only 10 feet of racing surface and because of that, the ramp is very short and a low angle. I still plan on holdling my summer event because that is part of the fun. Here is a video of the inital setup.


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It doesn't make a difference in my opinion.   All cars are subject to the same conditions so it is what it is.  Competition is fair.  It's just a different event on a different track.  The new track will be fine.  

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Kingjester 6/23/24

Honestly I can relate, as a Rhode Islander the heat over here right now is unbearable, I don't know how some of y'all survive 

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JBlotner42 6/23/24

My track extends and contacts in the heat and cold because it's in my garage which is "Climate Controlled", meaning it's controlled by what the temperature is outside, lol.

I had an issue with that in the winter and now again in the heat.

Up here in the Mountains we get a 30*+ difference in morning and afternoon. My Track is in the Garage that is 30' by 50'. With that in mind I designed track for flexing in Heat and cold. Still a Gap here and there, Be it small but the corners are adjustable to allow difference in temps. In Summer I run the cars in evening as it's about 68*'s and perfect for Racing. Winter is a different Beast, I have a wood stove and Spark it up for a Day and then run the cars. 1 1/8" Siding gives Great insulation.

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Banjo 6/24/24

Soo got and humid here in middle Tennessee, racing in the garage. I've been keeping the door open and fans blowing cool air from the house in there. I can tell the track changes throughout the day into evening. 
stay hydrated my friends:) 

  • I was in TN last week, and tried some outside racing. I found if a beam of direct sun hits crash track it gets very soft, and the heat makes the connectors not grip the track. Also learned crash track expand almost 1/4" between outside and inside — dr_dodge
  • Uncut orange with the "pin lock" connectors did very well in the direct sun. — dr_dodge
  • Next time you’re in TN give me a holler. My daughter was here visiting last week. She’s in Sherman Tx. — Banjo
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CanesBart 6/26/24

I moved the big gravity track project indoors last weekend!  Between the heat, sun, rain and wind, I was barely keeping the pressure treated wood frame in tact, and I'll spend all that work just so it can land in  some lucky person's living room next hurricane.  

Indoor good, outdoor bad.  ( have almost died in tennis tournaments this month, stupidly drank nothing but Monster and rum for a three hour match, plus the sun melts the track) Got more progress on it in two days inside than two months outside.and, now that I know more than when I started!  The new indoor version 1,000 percent better!

I made some small changes to what is shown in the video. I put the track on some tables, and there is an additional drop, but it is small. 6/28 is the start of the Top Dog Elimination, but I have only received cars from one racer. If anyone is interested in racing in the elimination, it will be going until the end of September. Video will be posted after I run his cars.


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SpyDude 6/27/24

I don't know what temperature it is here in Arizona ........ the thermometer is still on fire.....

  • The crazy part of Arizona in the summer is how the temp does not drop after the sun goes down. — Freedom_DieCast_DragRacing
  • Yeah, I am in Vegas. I got a bit of heat stroke yesterday. — LobotomyScam
  • Im in Arizona as well, its already too hot to do any racin outside. By 10 am its already 100 degree outside, and by 10 pm, its still 100 degrees outside. And it'll be like this for the next couple of months. I've been wondering for years why I still live here. — Spartacus0351
  • We vacated Kingman for the cooler Flagstaff weather. Then a forest fire and dry conditions pushed us to the Rocky Mtns for this Summer. — Vulfgang

I re-ran the first week's cars with the "improved" setup.

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