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Numbskull 12/16/21

Sending two more because I'm a glutton for punishment, and I really enjoy the chill atmosphere of your videos.  Plus, who doesn't love the mayhem of your track.

  • Thanks for the compliment! Those look killer! I think things are heating up, so long as turn 2 doesn't ruin everything for everyone, LOL — AlleyCatRaceClub
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RAGTAG_JIM 12/21/21

RAGTAG RACIN and RAGGED RUST is going to get packed up and shiped out tomorrow 12/22/21.... been kinda busy here lol and havent got to post office... cant wait to see if my newer junk is better then the last junk i sent hahaahhahahahahaha

  • However your junk rolls, I'm looking forward to it. Can you do worse than the Alley Cat Race Club entries? LOL — AlleyCatRaceClub
  • haha alleycat do you not remember dirtus driving oldstyle at the summer series lol he didnt know what the secound part of the track looked like till the very last race hahahaha — RAGTAG_JIM

Quick update race fans: everything's on hold for a minute. I'm sort of laid up and just can't do it for the moment. We will pick up where we left off as soon as I'm back to normal. Apologies for the sudden lack of danger and mayhem! We will be back!

Not really related to anything, but here's a pic of the very first iteration of Garden Canyon Run, behind the house. That Skyline was my fast car back then. OK, cheers all!

  • Get well soon. — Numbskull
  • Hope you feel better soon and get everything sorted. — GrumpyCloud
  • Thanks guys, I think things are indeed getting sorted, so hopefully we'll be back on track licketysplit — AlleyCatRaceClub

I'm finally able to get out and around so I'm working on getting the track in shape for the next rounds of Top Cat! The track and Garden Canyon itself have taken a beating these past couple of weeks. But it's a beauty of a day for track work today. See you in not too much longer for some more crashing racing and burning.

OK, I lied. After working in the garden prolly too long yesterday, it's clear I can't physically do the things required, yet. Same with sitting at the computer.

I'm not pity worthy or anything, and without getting into it, everything's uncomfortable, and the Dr wants me to be super lazy until PT starts working things out. Which I don't really do well. So, I'll try to be a bit more active on insta to stay in touch, but the pause in action is going to continue for a bit. Sorry to disappoint folks.

  • No problem, just take care of yourself, and get well soon. — Numbskull

Hey race fans, I realize it's been a minute since I logged in here and updated everyone on the current state of the race series at The Most Dangerous Track in the PNW. Rounds 16&17 havce been posted for a bit, and that leaves us with only a handful of cars remaining to run. Today/tomorrow we'll get some racing done.

Entries are closed, the current group will finish the sreies out, and there will be an ultimate TOP CAT! and then, I think the track is coming down! It's served us well beyond when I thought it would give up the ghost, but it's kind of run its course. Also, without getting too much into it, I've developed a hopefully temporary physical limitation that keeps me from easily bending over repeatedly which happens quite a bit since all these cars keep crashing. 

In any event, more action to come, just at a slower pace. Thanks for hanging in there with me Brock, Tom, Dick, Harry and the gang.

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